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Limbaugh: Clinton’s Medical Problem Must Be More Than A One-Time Illness

CFN note: We usually do not post these political stories, but the Hillary episode is worth watching, and Limbaugh's observations are worth considering - jv


Limbaugh: Clinton’s Medical Problem
Must Be More Than A One-Time Illness

"... the only thing I can conclude, folks, is that ..."

by Jack Davis September 12, 2016
Western Journalism

As the Clinton campaign’s damage control effort sought to minimize the importance of the illness that struck Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Sunday morning, talk show host Rush Limbaugh made it clear that Sunday’s event was clearly a serious emergency.

On Sunday, Clinton was forced to leave New York City’s 9/11 ceremony due to a health emergency. At first her campaign said it was due to her being “overheated.” That was later amended to dehydration and the effects of pneumonia, with which Clinton was diagnosed Friday.

Limbaugh said the effort to downplay the event should not mislead Americans.

“Hillary Clinton … collapsed and they had to practically toss her in that van. That was a neurological episode. … She collapsed. It looks serious,” he said.

“She had to leave. Do you realize how many protocols are violated? She had to leave wherever she was at the 9/11 ceremony early,” Limbaugh said, noting that it is a major breach of security to have a person under tight security protections standing in one place to wait for transportation.

” … the worst thing the Secret Service wants is for the subject to have to stop and stand around, i.e., as a sitting duck, until the transportation shows up,” he said.
“But whatever happened yesterday, they had to broom that. They had to get her out of there before the ground transportation, the van, before the van even showed up … that’s a huge violation of protocol. And that is the only sign that anybody with her thought something was up,” he said.

Limbaugh said one unusual aspect to the Clinton incident was the lack of panic from those around her, as though they were accustomed to this sort of situation.

” … the one thing that’s been curious about this is the people with her, her support staff, whenever something like this happens, don’t seem to think it’s anything unusual. Like yesterday, they didn’t take her to the hospital,” he said.

“So they must be used to seeing it. It must not be that abnormal or extraordinary, which is not a good sign for people dealing with this behind closed doors that we’re not privy to. It means that this has been going on a much longer period of time than just the diagnosis of pneumonia on Friday,” said Limbaugh, who like many others had been looking into the subject of Clinton’s health due to recent media reports and a well-publicized coughing fit she had last week.

“And the only thing I can conclude, folks, is that none of this, to the people closest to her, medical staff, campaign staff, none of this must be abnormal, or none of it must be extraordinary. Maybe another way of saying it is this: Maybe it happened so frequently that they’ve just become accustomed to it and it isn’t the big deal to them that it is to us,” he said.

Limbaugh mentioned media efforts prior to dismiss questions about Clinton’s health as a “conspiracy.”

“This is the first conspiracy I have ever known to fell somebody like it has her. Everybody’s saying all this is a conspiracy theory and now all these conspiracy theories are borne out to be true. The media has a history of hiding medical problems of ranking Democrats, Woodrow Wilson, FDR, JFK, any number of prominent Democrats the media’s gone out of its way to hide, and they’re doing it here with Mrs. Clinton as well,” he said.

After discussing the video shot Sunday showing Clinton getting into her van, Limbaugh affirmed his conclusion.

“Mrs. Clinton is obviously very ill. She has not been well for a long time, and many people in the Democrat Party are well aware of it.

And they have decided to roll the dice that they can — the doctors or whoever can — exert enough control over the presentation of the symptoms of this disease that they can manage it,” he said.

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