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Explosive Events at the Vatican

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Explosive Events at the Vatican
by Giulio Ginnetti
Corrispondenza romana

Two bombs exploded a short distance from the Vatican. The first was the editorial Eugenio Scalfari in
La Repubblica on Nov. 1. During a phone call received on October 28, Pope Francis, referring to the diversity of positions on the theme of the Synod Fathers of the divorced and remarried would have said, among other things: "The different views of the bishops is part of thef the modernity of the Church and of the various companies in which it operates, but the aim is common and as for the admission of divorced persons to the sacraments confirms that this principle has been accepted by the Synod. This is the result of the base, the findings of fact are entrusted to confessors but in the end the fastest routes or slower all divorced people who request it will be admitted. "

The statement, which Scalfari quote, to emphasize that it corresponds exactly to the words of the Pope, is in itself an unprecedented severity, because attributing to remarried divorcees the right to access to Sacred Eucharist, not only goes far beyond the conclusions the Synod, but also contradicts frontally discipline and Catholic morality. When asked by the correspondent of the
National Catholic Register, Edward Pentin, Father Lombardi, he stressed the unreliability of Scalfari, judging so useless an official denial. But if, once again, Scalfari has deformed his words, one wonders why the Pope continues to call him and why not deny this in a clear and explicit as it is given. The words quoted by Scalfari match or not the thought of the Pope? This is the point that poses dramatic questions to Catholics.

The second bomb was the arrest of the two owners of the commission established by Pope Francis to reorganize the administration of the Vatican (now dissolved): Monsignor Angel Vallejo Balda and his collaborator Francesca Immaculate Chaouqui. A statement released on November 2 by the Vatican press off now being published these days that would publish papers taken from them with 'serious betrayal of trust by the pope. "

The media have always accused the prelates loyal to the tradition of being the "crows" who plot behind Pope Francis, but in this case the perpetrators of the "betrayal" are two characters chosen by the pope Bergoglio and he confirmed in ' assignment, despite the journalist Sandro Magister, since July 22, 2013, four days after their appointment, had launched a serious warning on their unreliability. However, we discussed other characters named by Pope Francis, as Msgr. Rich Battista, are still at their posts. This is the "moral cleansing" initiated by the new pontificate? (Giulio Ginnetti)

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