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Pope to Communist China: Forward!

Pope to Communist China: Forward!

by Christopher A. Ferrara

When Our Lady of Fatima prophesied that Russia would spread its errors throughout the world if it were not consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart, no doubt She had in view what would become “The People’s Republic of China” in 1949, after a civil war that resulted in the Kuomintang government being driven from the mainland to the island of Taiwan. 

During the subsequent “Great Leap Forward” and the “Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution,” more than 50 million Chinese were exterminated by various means, ranging from execution to mass starvation.  In 1958, the Red Chinese regime set up the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association (CPCA) to manage the suppression of the true Catholic Church in China, coercing or inducing legitimate Catholic bishops to consecrate additional bishops for the pseudo-church without a papal mandate. The CPCA exists to this day in a state of blatant schism from Rome.

In 1978, with the Catholic Church driven underground and the true prelates, priests and lay faithful subject to relentless persecution, Beijing imposed its infamous one-child policy, prohibiting families with more than one child by means of fines, denial of government benefits, and forced sterilization and abortion.  The regime has recently “relaxed” this diabolical policy by “allowing” two children per family.

On the economic front, the communist dictators of China have permitted the growth of a kind of privatized socialism under which multinational corporations are permitted to invest in the country, exploiting a vast labor pool of economically desperate workers, many of whom must abandon their families and
travel as much as a thousand miles to work in one of the multinationals’ factories. This explosive growth of state-sponsored crony capitalism has been accompanied by rampant abuse of the environment, with air pollution, water pollution, deforestation, and desertification unchecked by any serious attempt at environmental regulation.  Seven of the ten most air polluted cities in the world are in China.

China, in short, is a complex of the wrongs Pope Francis has deplored in innumerable speeches and, above all, in his “green encyclical” Laudato si’, which condemns the environmental abuses of which China is a prime example. 

Therefore, it seemed reasonable to expect that when Francis gave an interview to Asia News on the subject of China, he would have something to say about its disgraceful past and present as a communist dictatorship in league with the multinational corporations he never ceases to denounce for “
choosing profit over people.” 

But why am I not surprised that this
interview contains not one word of criticism for the evil regime in Beijing, not one word about the atrocities its communist “leaders” have perpetrated over the past 75 years, and not one word about its ongoing persecution of the Catholic Church?  The answer, of course, is the policy ofOstpolitik, according to which the Vatican — more than fifty years after the policy emerged at Vatican II — continues to coddle communist dictatorships while overlooking their crimes against humanity and the Church.

But not only does Francis decline any criticism of Chinese communism, he practically endorses it.  Read it for yourself:

The history of a people is always a path. A people at times walks more quickly, at times more slowly, at times it pauses, at times it makes a mistake and goes backwards a little, or takes the wrong path and has to retrace its steps to follow the right way. But when a people moves forward, this does not worry me because it means they are making history. And I believe that the Chinese people are moving forward and this is their greatness. It walks, like all populations, through lights and shadows.

Yes, believe it or not, Francis praises China because it “moves forward” — a Great Leap Forward, perhaps? — ignoring the brutality of its communist regime, its satanic policy of forced abortions and sterilizations, its ongoing suppression of the Catholic Church, and even its major contribution to an “ecological crisis” that appears to be his greatest preoccupation as Pope.

On the matter of China’s one-child/two-child policy, Francis, making no mention of the policy, states only that “perhaps the fact of not having children creates a complex — it is healthy to take responsibility for one’s own path. Well, we have taken this route, something here did not work at all, so now other possibilities are opened up. Other issues come into play: the selfishness of some of the wealthy sectors who prefer not to have children, and so forth.”

Yes, you read that right: The Beijing regime’s imposition of abortion and sterilization is reduced to “not having children,” “the selfishness of some of the wealthy sectors who prefer not to have children” and “something here that did not work at all” — as if the dictatorship in Beijing had no involvement in this massive crime against the Chinese people, which cries out to Heaven for divine retribution.

Worse, if that were possible, Francis goes on to say that communist China shouldn’t be too hard on itself:  “And I would go further: do not be bitter, but be at peace with your own path, even if you have made mistakes. I cannot say my history was bad, that I hate my history…. No, every people must be reconciled with its history as its own path, with its successes and its mistakes.”

So, as Francis would have it, the extermination of 50 million people under Mao, the still ongoing forced abortion of scores of millions of children, the massive economic exploitation of wage slaves by multinational corporations, and even the rape of the environment are all reduced to “mistakes” about which the Chinese should be “at peace.” All of the moral and social justice concerns of which Francis is supposed to be the world’s voice of conscience in the “Year of Mercy” suddenly vanish like a soap bubble when it comes to Communist China.

Even when pressed on the matters that seem most dear to him — the environment and economic “inequality” — Francis refused to breathe a word critical of Beijing. When asked to comment on how “[t]he country’s economic growth… has also brought with it human and environmental disasters” and how “the pursuit of work efficiency [by multinationals] is burdening families with new costs: sometimes children and parents are separated due to the demands of work,” Francis offered only noncommittal blather quite unlike his usual blunt condemnations of injustice:

I feel rather like a “mother-in-law” giving advice on what should be done (laughs). I would suggest a healthy realism; reality must be accepted from wherever it comes. This is our reality; as in football, the goalkeeper must catch the ball from wherever it comes. Reality must be accepted for what it is. Be realistic. This is our reality.First, I must be reconciled with reality. I don’t like it, I am against it, it makes me suffer, but if I don’t come to terms with it, I won’t be able to do anything. The second step is to work to improve reality and to change its direction.

Accept reality? Try to improve reality? This is Francis’ answer to the destruction of the environment and the exploitation of workers? But what happened to the social justice and environmentalist warrior hailed by the mass media as so much more merciful, so much closer to the people, than his predecessors?  What happened is this: Francis was asked to assess the past and present conduct and policies of a communist regime, and according to Ostpolitik communist regimes must not be criticized lest “dialogue” with them be impaired.

But there is also this explanation:  All the Vatican’s talk of social justice, human rights and environmentalism is just that; it is nothing more than rhetoric from the ecclesiastical politicians that Popes and curial prelates have become as a result of the “opening to the world” and “dialogue with the world” managed by the Vatican Secretary of State. Since the Council, the Holy See has laid aside the authority of the Vicar of Christ and seeks rather to preserve its standing in the world in the manner of any other political party.

When a Pope praises Communist China because it “moves forward,” we can be certain the consecration of Russia remains undone and that Russia’s errors — political, religious, moral and social — will continue to dominate the world in which they have spread in all their variations.


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