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Blessed Pius IX, a Model in our Struggle

Blessed Pius IX, a Model in our Struggle
"You must fight energetically" - Pius IX

A few thoughts - from John Vennari

I've been following Pope Francis' words and actions, and read the entire book
On Heaven and Earth that he co-wrote with Rabbi Skorka.

He seems to have a good heart and some good Catholic instincts, but theologically he is a train wreck - remarkably sloppy.

Though this might shock some readers, I must say that I would never allow Pope Francis to teach religion to my children.

For example, Francis recently claimed that all men, Catholics, non-Catholics and atheists, are all “first-class” children of God. There are 16-year-old traditional Catholics who know better than to make such a claim. Scripture and Catholic Tradition teach that we are adopted children of God only through Baptism and incorporation into the Church by means of Faith and Sanctifying grace. (Read Part I of Abbbot Marmion’s Christ the Life of the Soul that describes this truth with doctrinal clarity and immense beauty).

Bergoglio is thoroughly of the Vatican II orientation. He was formed in the 1960s by the Jesuits, so we cannot expect much else. A man of the 70s, he reminds me of some of the soft 'social justice' priests in high school (1972-1976) whom I found repulsive.

Anyone with a devotion to Our Lady can be rescued. I hope whatever devotion he has to Her rescues him from himself.

His co-author Rabbi Skorka just attended a huge interreligious Focolare meeting in Rome and praised Francis to the skies, promising that Francis will be a "pope of change".

National Catholic Reporter recently noted that Francis is not so much a Lumen Gentium Catholic but a Gaudium et Spes Catholic. I think this assessment is correct.

Francis admitted there is a gay lobby in the Vatican, but also said he is too disorganized to enact a reform, and will leave that to his committee of Cardinals.

While in Argentina, when Bergoglio could not get permission for exorcisms from the Vatican, he would send the person who needed 'exorcism' to a Lutheran Pastor!

Bergoglio is ecumenical to the gills. It is pointless to pretend otherwise. As the Fatima Message says, “Pray a great deal for the Holy Father”.

I see the need to
step up our resistance to the Vatican II chaos is greater than ever, since John Paul II, Benedict XVI and now Pope Francis have more and more established the new orientation as the new norm. Too many of today’s Catholics believe the ‘spirit of Assisi’ and ecumenical gatherings constitute the true face of Catholicism.

Worse, even too many traditional Catholics have become accustomed to the scandal; have become used to the temperature of the water. These scandals no longer shock them, nor do they leap to their feet to counter them.

Though we are not bishops, I believe we have a model in Blessed Pius IX who said in
Qui Pluribus:

You must fight energetically, since you know very well what great wounds the undefiled Spouse of Christ Jesus has suffered, and how vigorous is the destructive attack of Her enemies. You must also care for and defend the Catholic faith with episcopal strength and see that the flock entrusted to you stands to the end firm and unmoved in the faith. For unless one preserves the faith entire and uninjured, he will without doubt perish forever.

“So, in accordance with your pastoral care, work assiduously to protect and preserve this faith. Never cease to instruct all men in it, to encourage the wavering, to convince dissenters, to strengthen the weak in faith by never tolerating and letting pass anything which could in the slightest degree defile the purity of this faith.”

I take comfort and counsel from these words.

Indeed Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in his unyielding fight against Conciliar errors was a true son of Blessed Pius IX. God bless him!

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