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CFN Conference: "Prophecy, Miracles and Aids to the Faith" - June - Chicago area

Mark Your Calendar! CFN Conference

Prophecy, Miracles and Aids to the Faith
Weekend of June 10-12, 2016 in Chicago area

Catholic Family News is scheduling its 2016 conference to be held in Deerfield Ill, near Chicago. The conference theme this year is Prophecies, Miracles and Aids to the Faith. We hope to see you there!

Our Lord created us as creatures of intellect and will, and he deals with us accordingly. When Our Lord walked this earth, He did not simply teach us truths that we are bound to accept for salvation, but gave us
reasons to believe - otherwise known as motives of credibility. He fulfilled the prophecies concerning the who, what, when and where of the Messiah, and He worked miracles to prove that He was God – for a genuine miracle is something only God can do.

Throughout the history of the Church, Our Lord has favored us with prophecies that both confirm the realty of the Faith and announce a warning for the future. He has also supplied Miracles to confirm Our Faith, especially those of Our Blessed Mother and the Saints. 

Our weekend conference will both spotlight a number of these miraculous occurrences, along with the many considerations concerning them. We will also focus on “Aids to the Faith,” that is, points that help to build up our Faith in this time of, what Our Lady of Good Success called, “depraved desolation.”

Speakers and their topics are as follows: (
please look for a more complete report in few days that will include descriptions of each talk)

Father Albert, OP - “Why Modernists Don’t Like Miracles: The role of supernatural signs in the act of Faith”

 Father Isaac Relyea - Saint Anthony Mary Claret, Wonder Worker of the Nineteenth Century”

Dr. Andrew Childs - “The Composer as Teacher: Bach’s Mass in B-minor”

Michael Matt - “The Forgotten French Apparitions: Messages from Mary, Joseph and … St. Philomena?” 

Christopher Ferrara - “The Crisis of this Pontificate: Don’t Despair. Look to History”

Matt Gaspers - “Our Lady and Islam: ‘The Moon Under Her Feet’”

Cornelia Ferreira - “St. Philomena: a Saint for Saints”

John Salza - “Fatima is Not Merely a "Private" Revelation”

• Suzanne Pearson - "Panorama of Hope:  A Survey of the ‘Happy Endings’ Seen by Saintly Visionaries Throughout Church History"

John Vennari - Prophecy and the Language of Heaven”

Stay tuned for more details (should have a fuller report within next two days).


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Single day rates are available as well.

Also: Audio CDs from 2015 conference on the Apocalypse; "Children of the Latter Days" -
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