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Speakers: Father Isaac Relyea, Father Nicholas Gruner, Dr. Andrew Childs,
Dr. Brian McCall, Dr. Peter Chojnowski, Cornelia Ferreira,
John Salza, Louie Verrecchio, John Vennari,

Regarding Kasper’s proposal to allow divorced and remarried
Catholics to receive the Eucharist, Cardinal Kasper told
Il Mattino
in self-defense,  “I [spoke] twice with the Holy Father … I agreed
upon everything with him. He was in agreement!”


The chaos regarding Communion for the divorced and remarried (and similar issues) is likely to drag on for some time. The October 2014 Extraordinary Synod is only Phase I. It is called to prepare for the 2015 “Ordinary” Synod (Phase II), the proceedings of both of these Synods will be finally penned by Pope Francis (or his successor) in an Apostolic Exhortation (Phase III) some time in late 2015 or early 2016.

Seven Top Reasons to Attend our
Catholic Family News Conference
April 5-7, 2013

Ten Speakers: Father Cyprian, OSB; Father Nicholas Gruner; Louis Verrecchio; Dr. Peter Chojnowski; Dr. Andrew Childs; John Vennari; Cornelia Ferreira; Dr. Brian McCall; Susan Vennari; Christopher Ferrara

-- full schedule below --

Held at: Sheraton Hotel Cleveland
5300 Riverside Dr.
Cleveland OH 44135

Here are the seven top reasons you should attend the Catholic Family News Conference in Cleveland, Ohio:

1) A unique theme that will inform and inspire.

The conference theme is: “
Saints, Sinners, Scholars and Scoundrels, Part II”.

This theme was so popular last year that we decided to run it again. Ten talented speakers will spotlight a character in history, tell his story, and explain why this story is relevant to Catholics today. Topics include diverse models of sanctity such as Saint Benedict, Blessed Jactina Marto, Saint Damian of Malokai, Saint Thomas Aquinas, as well as troublesome Catholics such as Father John Courtney Murray.

We will look at the erroneous thinking of John Locke whose philosophy would have profound effect on the United States, the fascinating story of Joe Breen, Hollywood and the Catholic Legion of Decency, Dr. George Makdisi a magnificent scholar who has much to teach us today, and the great Catholic historian, Hillaire Belloc.

We will discuss the fictional Don Juan, especially as he appears in Mozart’s famous opera Don Giovanni. Look forward to a magnificent weekend of story telling and inspiration.

2) Traditional Mass and Devotions

The Latin Tridentine Mass is celebrated throughout the conference weekend. There is also the public recitation of the Rosary and other traditional Catholic devotions.

3) Catholic Camaraderie

We have learned that the lectures are only half the reason people come to our conferences. Another prime motivation is the great Catholic camaraderie one enjoys at the event.

Those who believe and practice the traditional Catholic Faith often find themselves isolated, sometimes even in one’s own family. The conference provides a place where we can enjoy each other’s company, share our joys and burdens, and gain strength from one another. It often serves as a tremendous boost in helping each of us to realize we are not alone. There are Catholics throughout the country and throughout the world remaining “steadfast in the Faith.”

4) Live Music

This year, as we did last year, we have scheduled live music after Saturday’s dinner, and maybe elsewhere during the conference as well. Mr. John Vennari’s musical family will perform. Dr. Andrew Childs, a professional tenor, will sing. And there are a few other conference speakers who also play instruments and will be encouraged to join in. This lively aspect of the conference guarantees a splendid time to be had by all. Last year, it was of the highlights of the weekend.

5) Networking

All types of Catholics come to our conferences: pro-life Catholics, some who are active politically, some who form prayer associations. This is an opportunity to meet with people who are involved in various aspects of Catholic work, and to possibly get more involved yourself.

6) Monks’ Coffee

Father Cyprian, OSB, Prior of Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery is a speaker this year. He will bring a number of his Benedictine brothers with them, as well as a healthy supply of their magnificent Abbey Roast coffee. They will serve coffee to conference attendees throughout the entire weekend.

7) Like a Retreat

Catholic Family News conferences are not retreats, but in some ways they are similar. The conference provides a break in the normal routine of life. It offers an opportunity to free oneself from housework and daily business concerns to a weekend thoroughly devoted to Catholic issues.

By this short respite from our regular duties of state, one can focus one’s attention on the Faith, personal devotion, and terrific Catholic companionship. The conference serves to charge your Catholic batteries! One attendee said after a recent conference, “this is the best Catholic experience I’ve had since my Ignatian Retreat”.

The conference is being held at the Cleveland Airport Sheraton Hotel. Updates about the conference are continually posted on our webpage.
Details about the conference, including a sign-up form, can be viewed by clicking here.

See below for full conference schedule.

Mark your calendar. Sign up now. You’ll be glad you did. We hope to see you in Cleveland in April!

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Important Note Regarding the Conference

Please register with us by March 21. It is important that the hotels knows not only how many people will book rooms, but also how many meals to prepare.

We always have surprise walk-ins at the conference, and we try to accommodate them (though there is a small, extra administrative cost). But please note that if you do not register with us by March 21, we can arrange no meals for you.

Our CFN conferences are always first rate.
Please sign up now. You won’t regret it


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