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“If you can outwait all, you can rule all”

A Lesson in Dealing with Rome

Malachi Martin describes Romanita

"Another example would be forthcoming in this very meeting, if they had their way, at least six cardinals at this table with John Paul II were going to give their Pope a lesson in Roman power. Romanita, that particular brand of power is called. It is axiomatic that any Pope who hopes to succeed must be at least two things: iron-willed and skilled in romanita.

"Romanita rests upon one basic principle: Cunctando regitur mundus. If you can outwait all, you can rule all. The hallmark of romanita is understatement in action and in all forms of expression. It is, in a way, a power in whispers. Esstential to it are a sense of timing reamed with patience, a ruthlessness that excludes the hesitation of emotions, and an almost messianic conviction of ultimate success. Few are born with it. Most genuine 'Romans' who flourish must learn it over time."*

* from the book The Jesuits: The Society of Jesus and the Betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church (quote is from description of 1981 Vatican meeting with John Paul II and six top Vatican cardinals on the problem of the Jesuits), p. 80.