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The Second Vatican Council and the Rejection of the Social Reign of Our Lord

By Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

: This is a brief excerpt from the Archbishop’s famous Sermon at Lille, August 29, 1976. It is found in the superb book A Bishop Speaks: Writings and Addresses 1973-1976

    Finally, a third error, they [modern Catholic Churchmen] reject the social reign of our Lord Jesus Christ under the pretext that it is no longer feasible. I have heard this from the mouth of the Nuncio of Berne; I have heard it from the mouth of the Vatican ambassador Fr. Dhanis, former Rector of the Gregorian University, who came in the name of the Holy See to ask me not to perform the ordinations of 29 June. It was 27 June at Flavigny, and I was preaching the retreat to the seminarians. He said to me, "Why are you against the Council?" I answered, "Is it possible to accept the Council, while in the name of the Council you say that all the Catholic States must be destroyed, that there must be no Catholic States left, and thus no more States where our Lord Jesus Christ reigns? Such a state is no longer possible." But it is one thing for a thing to be no longer possible, and another to accept that as a principle, and consequently, no longer seek the social reign of our Lord Jesus Christ. But what do we say every day in the Our Father? "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven." What is this reign? A little while ago you sang in the Gloria "You alone are Lord, You alone are the Most High, Jesus Christ." And are we to sing these words, and then go out and say, "No, Jesus Christ must not reign over us any longer." Are we living illogically? Are we Catholics or not?

   There will be no peace on earth except in the reign of our Lord Jesus Christ. The nations are in conflict-every day we have page after page of the newspapers about it, we have it on radio and television; and now with the change of prime minister: What are we going to do to improve the economy? What are we going to do to help the currency? What are we going to do so that manufacturing prospers, etc. All the newspapers in the world are fup of such questions. Well, even from an economic standpoint, our Lord Jesus Christ must reign, because the reign of our Lord Jesus Christ is the reign of the principles of love and of the commandments of God, which establish equilibrium in society, and which make justice and peace reign. It is only with order, justice, and peace in society that the economy can thrive…

   It is the reign of our Lord Jesus Christ that we want; and we profess our faith, saying that our Lord Jesus Christ is God.

   And that is why we also want the Mass of St. Pius V, because this Mass is the proclamation of the royalty of our Lord Jesus Christ. The New Mass is a sort of hybrid Mass, which is no longer hierarchical; it is democratic, where the assembly takes the place of the priest, and so it is no longer a veritable Mass that affirms the royalty- of our Lord. For how did our Lord Jesus Christ become King? He affirmed His royalty by the Cross. "Regnavit a ligno Deus." Jesus Christ reigned by the wood of the Cross. Because He vanquished sin, He vanquished the devil, and He vanquished death by the Cross: three magnificent victories of our Lord. One will say that this is triumphalism. Well, if so then yes, we do want the triumphalism of our Lord Jesus Christ…

   At the hour of my death, when our Lord will ask me, What have you made of the graces of your priesthood, I do not want to hear from the mouth of the Lord, You have contributed to the destroying of the Church with the others.
    - from pp. 269-271 and p. 273. A Bishop Speaks: Writings and Addresses, 1963-1976, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. [emphasis added]

posted October 28, 2012 - Feast of Christ the King