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Bishop Williamson Expelled from the SSPX

By John Vennari

October 24: It is confirmed from
Menzingen today that Bishop Richard Williamson has been expelled from the Society of Saint Pius X. The news fills me with great sadness.

This break has been coming for some time; it is one of those tragic events one sees in advance yet is powerless to prevent.

I never forget a kindness, and Bishop Williamson had been good to me over the years. Though we have not communicated as often since his departure from Winona in 2003, I still owe him a debt of gratitude. In the mid 1990s, in highly unusual circumstances, I was able to study at-a-distance for the priesthood for two years through the Winona seminary, which Bishop Williamson made possible. Though I did not follow through to the priesthood, the formation I received was invaluable.

I am also grateful for him introducing Dr. David Allen White to us all, since we learned about Dr. White through his magnificent lectures on Shakespeare at Winona
The root cause of this latest discord, of course, is the crisis in the Church caused by the Second Vatican Council, which has been a source of division even among good men.

It is not my intention to step in between warring factions, as in cases like this there are often faults on both sides and it is not my mission to root out all the details. Further, I have been in the traditionalist movement for 32 years and have seen how ugly these fights can become. Yes, I too scratched my head at some of Bishop Williamson’s recent words and actions, and I believe the infamous “Holocaust” interview was a mistake, yet I will not join in the blanket condemnations against him. As for all else, I will keep my own counsel.