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More from Conciliar Rome: Tridentine Mass will continue to "evolve"?
It seems that every thing modernist Rome touches, they change! 

1965 "transitional" Mass

Below from Eponymous Flower website:

Revised Traditional Missal Planned for Next Summer in Rome?

This is a translation from the usually well-informed German, who says that their own well-informed source has some information about the new Missa (which was coupled with their announcement of the news of the formal recognition of Papa Stronsay at the Diocese of Aberdeen in Scotland).

The less good news is that the work on "a new edition of the Old Missal" has so far progressed enough that it will be published next summer so that it can be used in 2013.  The key points of alteration:

• Allowance of the usage of new prefaces for all feasts, which correspond to the Novus Ordo prefaces;

• General allowance of the Traditional Mass to be celebrated "versus populum";

• Permission to say the 'Liturgy of the Word' in the language of the people [which facilitates the use of the Cramner table];

The desire for "liturgical engineering" in the appropriate Vatican authorities therefore seems unchanged -- at least in so far as it relates to a direction "away from Tradition".

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