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Magnificent Si Si No No Series on
"The Errors of Vatican II"
The welcoming of Protestant Observers at the Council


• Vatican II's Ambiguous Juridical Nature

• Mutilated concept of the Magisterium

•The contamination of Catholic doctrine with intrinsically anti-Catholic "modern thinking."
• Relevant Omissions - at least 8 points the Council should have addressed but failed to...

These are highlights only from Part I. See list below for entire Seven part series:

It is important for us to re-study this series, especially when we are confronted with Archbishop Müller and Archbishop DiNoia who try to tell us there are no errors in Vatican II, but only bad interpretation.

Time to re-study at a time when ecumenical post-Conciliar Vatican prelates try to convince us of a position that is not true!

January 2003 Si Si No No Reprint No. 50
  Errors of Vatican II Part I

March 2003 Si Si No No Reprint No. 51
  Errors of Vatican II Part II
Note on Dominus Jesus

May 2003 Si Si No No Reprint No. 52
  Errors of Vatican II Part III

July 2003 Si Si No No Reprint No. 53
  Errors of Vatican II Part IV

September 2003 Si Si No No Reprint No. 54
  Errors of Vatican II Part V

November 2003 Si Si No No Reprint No. 55
  Errors of Vatican II Part VI

January 2004 Si Si No No Reprint No. 56
  Errors of Vatican II Part VII

March 2004 Si Si No No Reprint No. 57
  Errors of Vatican II Part VIII

Archbishop Lefebvre clearly saw the danger of the new teachings at the time of the Council itself. He did not need to wait for "bad interpretations" to surface, but recognzied at once the documents themselves as flawed. In 1964, he said that the Conciliar schemas “have a spirit of rupture and suicide,” and went on to say, “There exists a spirit of non-Catholic or rationalist ecumenism that has become a battering ram for unknown hands to pervert doctrine.

for more, see Archbishop Lefebvre: A Bishop Speaks at the Council (deals with the manifold problems of the Vatican II) go to: