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Trial by Jury - BVM Acadamy - June 10, 2012

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NOTE: Words of patter song are posted below...

libretto from TBJ patter Song by Director Vincent Ferrelli:

Defendant (Mike Hewko)
Why wasn’t I just happy to attend the seminary, I’d be free of all this business and the
thought of jail is scary;
I’d be hearing Per Iscara and enjoy St Thomas’ sentiments
I’d show the trad obsession with identifying temperaments
I’d be helping Fr Cyprian and planting his begonias, or I’d be with Bishop Williamson
(before he left Winona!)
But at present I am so obsessed my vanity to flatter and I go to jail tomorrow so it really
doesn’t matter.
So it really doesn’t matter matter matter matter .. etc

Younger Court Reporter (Fr. Jackson)
If I could be so lucky as to have a sanguine Prior
Who would take my sage advice whener’ the situation’s dire
‘stead of banishing me off to serve remote and distant neighbors,
I guess Buffalo is fine if you enjoy the Bills and Sabres
On this subject I could write you a most valuable letter
And then if the butler leaks it I may never fetter better
And a word or two of compliment my vanity would flatter,
but I’ll never get those here and so it really doesn’t matter
So it really doesn’t matter matter matter matter .. etc

Foreman (Chris Lempka)
You’d think that as a senior, I’d be getting better offers
Than the foreman of the jury in a play with many others
How about my starring roles in other BVM productions?
Really! Singing here without a mike is hardly a seduction
If I had a major role my dialogue the crowd ‘be sweeping
Did you know my Dies Irae left the center section weeping?
This particularly rapid unintelligible patter
Isn’t generally heard and if it is it doesn’t matter

ulations to all at BVM Academy for an uproarious performance.
- JV