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Catholic Family News Conference
"Saints, Sinners, Scholars and Scoundrels"

April 27-29, 2012 in Cleveland
A great success.

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Below is a photo report of the event.

A terrific crowd showed up for the event.

Our own Cornelia Ferreira could not attend the conference due to a last-minute illness.
She requested that Susan Vennari (above) deliver a transcript of Cornelia's
beautiful speech: "Valiant Women in the Service of God".

Dr. Peter Chojnoski spoke on "Martin Luther: One Monk Against Christendom". His
lecture got to the root of Martin's Luther's false doctrine, and contained, surprisingly,
enough, some of the funniest material ever delivered to a Catholic conference.

CFN Editor John Vennari spoke of Theresa Neumann: Mystic and Stigmatist. Calling her
the most remarkable stigmatist of the 20th Century (along with Padre Pio), he reviewed
her miraculous relationship with the Blessed Sacrament, her stigmata, her many other
mystical gifts, and answered those who level baseless questions on the genuineness of her
spiritual phenomena. Theresa Neumann recieved the blessings of both Pope Pius XI and Pius XII.

Dr. Andrew Childs spoke on Beethoven, the Man Behind the Myth. He related the
temperamentt of Beethoven, the "revolutionary" character of his great music, and why
you should adopt Beethoven's music as your friend. Contains cuts from Beethoven pieces.

Dr. Brian McCall made stunning parallels between Henry VIII's Protestant revolt in
England and the revolution of the Second Vatican Council.

Father Albert, OP, delivered a moving presentation on Saint Maximilian Kolbe. It
contained inspirational details many in the audience had not heard before.

tridentine mass
Holy Tridentine Mass on Saturday and Sunday mornings

Thomas Gabriele delilvered a riveting presenation on: The Pied Pipers of the New World Order
(Kissinger, Brezenksi, Rockefeller, Soros, Gorbechev and others).
He outlined the systematic attack on the Social Kingship of Christ over the
20th Century and how this attack continues today.

Michael Matt spoke of the heroic resistance of the French Vendee at the time
of the French Revolution. He brought the topic up-to-date by noting that the
Vendee was only destroyed after it made an "agreement" with the Revolutionaries.

Colleen Hammond spoke of Blessed Anna Maria Taigi, Wife Mother and Mystic. This
great mystic is unknown, yet one of the most extraordinary in Church history. Mrs. Hammond
opened with an apparent miracle Blessed Anna Maria worked for her family.

Father Nicholas Gruner spoke of Blessed Francisco Marto of Fatima, the boy
who was consumed by the desire to "console Our Lord".

Audio CDs now available - click here.