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But He Didn't Preach Explicit Heresy?
Francis' Scandalous Interfaith Video

by John Vennari

Modernism seldom operates with "precise statements that are heretical" Have we learned nothing over the past 50 years? Their method is one of praxis - of a new approach of action that conflicts with the perennial magisterium.

Today's interfaith activities give the appearance that all religions are good enough for salvation. People around the world see John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI at those interfaith prayer gatherings at Assisi, standing side-by-side with Buddhists, Hindus, Rabbis, Muslims, Protestants, and conclude that any religion are more or less in an acceptable position before God. It is a visual expression of religion indifferentism that leads the Catholic to tacitly absorb the heretical doctrine.

This is the same tactic the progressivist employed at the recent Synod - advocating changing the practice of divorce and remarried receiving communion, and then repeating only what the most naïve would accept: "but we haven't changed doctrine".

As I said, have we learned nothing over the past 50 years? The entire Vatican II revolution was based on the tactic of the elevation of the "pastoral" over the "doctrinal," without explicitly changing doctrine, but nonetheless creating a revolution in Catholic attitudes.