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Announcing Catholic Family News Conference
Children of the Latter Days
A Catholic Treatment of Apocalypse,
Apostasy and Antichrist
Weekend of May 29-31, 2015

..........................10th Speaker Now Announced - Father Daniel Couture

Conference Location:
Hyatt Regency Hotel
1750 Lake Cook Road • Deerfield IL 60015
Hotel#: (847) 945-3400

Catholic Family News is pleased to announce its 2015 conference to be held in Deerfield Illinois, just outside of Chicago. The dates are May 29, 30 & 31.

The Conference theme is in the headline above:
“Children of the Latter Days: A Catholic Treatment of Apocalypse, Apostasy and Antichrist.” Ten speakers will address this topic throughout the weekend.

One of the most abused books of the Sacred Scriptures is the Apocalypse. Protestants, Televangelists and even some reckless Catholics have produced mangled and over-sensational interpretations.

The results are false predictions, trivializing of Scripture, and undermining the true meaning of the Apocalypse as given by the Catholic Church and by the Fathers and Doctors throughout the centuries.

St. John did not write the Apocalypse for the sake of sensation or to scare the daylights out of Christians. Rather, as esteemed Catholic commentators tell us, the Apocalypse is primary a book of consolation.

Following this theme, we aim to dedicate the weekend to a truly Catholic view of the Apocalypse and related events such as Apostasy and Antichrist. We rely on Church teaching and the Fathers, without the hysteria, the drama, the reckless predictions. There will be no Alex Jones or Jack Van Empe approach, but rather a sober Catholic treatment. It is a weekend you will not want to miss.

Does the Apocalypse point to some frightening aspects for our time? Certainly, and it is foolish to pretend otherwise. But the Apocalypse consoles us at the end, pointing to Heaven and to the final triumph of Christ the King and Our Lady.

Due to unusual circumstances, we had difficulty setting up this year’s event, which explains why the announcement is happening on short notice. Nonetheless, we are confident many of you will be enthused to sign up for what promises to be a unique and fascinating weekend.

This is our first conference in two years– and having the conference in Chicago, a central US location and airport hub, makes it easier for people throughout the country to attend.

As usual, our conference consists of ten presentations. We have secured nine of these speakers, the tenth will be announced in the near future.

Here is the list of speakers and their topics.

John Vennari, Editor of Catholic Family News, will deliver the thematic lecture entitled “The Apocalypse is Not a Protestant Book: Antichrist and More.”

The consistent teaching of the Church, and most particularly, the teaching of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church are what give us the key to understand the Apocalypse and the Antichrist himself. It is precisely this key that Protestantism lacks. Who is Antichrist? From what race will he come? Will he be one man or does Antichrist represent a group? Does he have minor “Antichrists” that precede him? What can we know about him for certain? What will be the nature of his persecution of Christianity? What foreshadows him now? These and similar questions will be addressed, along with a number of other aspects of the Apocalypse: such as, for example, the fact that the Catholic Church, up until the time of today’s ecumenical program, always considered Martin Luther and his Protestant Revolt as one of the apocalyptic plagues.

Dr. Andrew Childs, Professor of Music and Associate Dean at St. Mary’s College, will speak on "Cultural Babylon: Navigating Troubled Waters."

Culture reflects the ideas of the age in which artists create. Objective consideration of the present-day cultural landscape reveals more abomination and desolation than truth, goodness, or beauty. Cultivated art embraces either modernistic sophistry on the one hand or naive sentimentality on the other; vernacular art expresses either nihilistic despair or animalistic frenzy. What can Catholics caught in the crossfire do? This will be an examination of present cultural reality and how it came about; strategies for persevering; and a reminder that hope prevails.

John Salza, Attorney and noted Catholic Apologist, will address: “Apocalypse 12 and Freemasonry's Infiltration of the Church."

As revealed in Scripture and Marian prophecies, Satan in our times has waged his war against Jesus Christ through Freemasonry's infiltration of His Church. This successful infiltration led to Vatican II and the birth of "the conciliar church," which is a society of men within the Catholic Church who are working to subvert it. This subversion is taking place by poisoning souls with the Masonic errors of religious liberty, ecumenism and interreligious prayer – doctrines and practices previously condemned by the Catholic Church.

Dr. Brian McCall, Professor of Law and popular Catholic author, will discuss: "The False Prophet and His Precursors: the Modernists."

Revelation and Tradition speak of a great falling away from the Faith in the Last Days culminating in the coming of a false prophet who will deceive many. The Modernists by undermining the very source of doctrine in rational thought appear to be the precursors of this false prophet. They make the mind receptive to deception. This conference will examine the dangers of Modernism that distorts the meaning of the marks of the Church. Based on the teaching of St. Robert Bellarmine the conference will explore the antidote to Modernist confusion.

Dr. Peter Chojnowski, Author and Professor of Philosophy will speak on: “The Message of La Salette: Living through the Eclipse of the Church.”

The Message of La Salette is a somber message for somber times. It is a message about the universal apostasy that we are living through now and it is a promise of God's judgment upon sinful man. Do we dare take Our Lady's Message at La Salette seriously with all of its implications or are we content to live compromised and comfortable lives with our “Latin Mass”? Listen to the Message of La Salette and have Our Lady explain to you the history you are living through, and and the terrible, but necessary Chastisement that is to come.

Father Isaac Relyea, the dynamic Mission Preacher, will speak on “As in the Days of Noah: Marrying and Giving in Marriage.”

In the Gospel Our Lord referred to the breakdown of marriage as a sign preceding the coming of the Son of Man. We now see an unprecedented assault against marriage that comes not only from the world, but even from members of the Church hierarchy, including Pope Francis himself. Francis’ tumultuous synods appear to pave the way for giving Communion to divorced and remarried Catholics. This threatens to shatter the Catholic Church’s solemn doctrine and practice regarding the unity and indissolubility of marriage. Father Isaac will not only speak of these threats, but also give Catholic counsel on the “first things necessary” to withstand the assault, namely, the centrality of the sanctifying grace, adherence to the sacraments, the cultivation of the spiritual life and knowledge of true doctrine.

Louie Verrecchio, popular Catholic Apologist, titles his conference, “Cardinal Pacelli's Prophetic Warning: Ecclesial Suicide and the Virtual Enthronement of Man.”

In the year 1931, the future Pope Pius XII, reflecting on the warnings of Our Lady of Fatima, expressed grave concern for the Church and “the suicide of altering the Faith, in Her liturgy, Her theology and Her soul.” He spoke prophetically of a day when the Church, from the highest places, “will be tempted to believe that man has become God.” That day has arrived. In this presentation we will examine the role of the Second Vatican Council and the post-conciliar Popes who have pushed forward its anthropomorphizing agenda.

Author Cornelia Ferreira has chosen for her topic, “The Religion of the Latter Days.”

Satan has always desired to be like God, and starting with Eden, made clear he wants world rule and the worship of all. The Apocalypse predicts that he will be allowed complete rule over all but the elect for a short time in the last days. The religion of Satan is occultism, and at that time the whole world will be occult, with no trace of Christianity allowed. This requires a total revolution against God, a total apostasy, to produce a whole new occult world order in opposition to the Kingdom of Christ. This presentation will look at the methodology, groups and people who have been working to generate the Great Apostasy and the satanic kingdom over which the Antichrist will rule. It will describe the plans for his institutionalized one-world church, and show how far we have progressed in its construction. It will also look at the role of Catholic Church leaders in facilitating this demonic ‘church’ by the re-education of Catholics to accept membership in a Counter-Church that serves the devil.

Father Nicholas Gruner, publisher of The Fatima Crusader, will speak on: “The Woman Clothed with the Sun: Our Lady of Fatima’s Ultimate Triumph”

There is no doubt that the message of Fatima is rife with Apocalyptic themes. Cardinal Ciappi says the Third Secret refers to the “Great Apostasy” in the Church “beginning at the top.” Pope John Paul II, on the day when the Vatican released a portion of the Secret, referred to the Great Dragon that hurls a third of the stars down from heaven – more Apocalyptic imagery. Father Gruner will discuss the Apocalyptic aspects of the Fatima Message, along with the Message of comfort and hope given by Our Lady that “In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.”

Father Daniel Couture, SSPX, District Superior of Canada, is our 10th conference speaker. His talk is: “A Revelation of Heaven.”

From the very first words of the Vulgate “Apocalypse” until the ultimate “Amen,” the last book of the Bible acts as an inspired “principle and foundation” that should guide us on the sea of this agitated world. Everything in the Apocalypse relates to Heaven: the Revelation itself, the Temple, the Throne of the Lamb, the Holy City, the Twenty Four Elders, angels and demons, multiple battles and scourges, infinite rewards, the innumerable crowd of the elect, the beatific vision. The Apocalypse starts and ends with “Blessed is he that readeth and heareth the words of prophecy and keepeth those things that are written in it” (1:3 and 22:14). May we keep these words so as to merit to have our name “written in the book of life” (21:27).

Those who attend our conferences often remark that our events are some of the best Catholic conferences available. People come not only for the lectures, but also for the Tridentine Mass, daily Rosary, and terrific Catholic camaraderie.

Please contact us now to participate in what promises to be a unique and fascinating weekend that focuses on a topic of great interest to all sincere Catholics. As we have done in the past, we will have a session of live music after the Saturday night dinner, which is a source of great enjoyment and unifies the people at the conference even more. email:

To answer a question we’ve already been asked: no, we do not post our conferences on YouTube after the event. We encourage you to sign up now to be part of a weekend guaranteed to instruct, edify and even to entertain.

We will soon publish the complete schedule as well as the name and topic of Speaker #10. The conference starts around 6:00 Friday night (Friday night's talk starts at 7:30) and ends around 5:00 pm Sunday (May 31). There are a total of 10 speeches through the weekend. The hotel is located about 25 minutes from Chicago O’Hare airport.

Please see more details below.

We hope to see you in Deerfield!


See below: photo-scanned from CFN March issue , as well as the conference schedule
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