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Blessed Pius IX
Death and Miracles

Compiled by
Catholic Family News
At the time of the Pope’s death in Rome, a Belgian child, dying from an undiagnosed illness, told his mother he had a vision of Pius IX being crowned by the Virgin in Heaven. The child was instantly cured. Since news of the Pope’s death had not yet reached Belgium, the mother sent a telegram to Rome. The answer indicated the child had been cured at the very moment of the Pope’s death. click here

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Second CFN Video posted

The Synod and High Level Failure
Contrast: Pope St. Pius X's understanding of Papal duty as opposed to Papa Bergoglio's: What do we do? How do we respond? -
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On Wayward Pontiffs
“Peter has no need of our lies or flattery. Those who blindly and indiscriminately
defend every decision of the Supreme Pontiff are the very ones who do most to
undermine the authority of the Holy See - they destroy instead of strengthening
its foundations," Bishop Melchior Cano O.P., a theologian of the Council of Trent.

Can We Recognize and Resist?
By Robert J. Siscoe
The notion that Catholics cannot recognize yet resist a pope who deviates from the Faith, or that whatever a pope does or says, regardless of how far it deviates from tradition, must be followed blindly and defended, is a complete novelty. click here

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Announcing: CFN Media - a new feature!

This is the first of our new CFN Media video series. Our goal is to produce these short videos on a regular basis. Hope you find it useful. Please share with others.
• Reckless statements from high places
• Pope Francis' fondness for liberal prelates
• Is he consciously advancing a modernist agenda?
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Seek ye first the Kingdom of God: What good is preaching about "preferential option for the poor" if our leaders cannot even safeguard the necessary reverence due to Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament?

Eucharistic Sacrilege at Papal Mass in Manilla: hand-to-hand Communion, Jan. 16, 2015

For more videos, including the prayer of reparation given by Heaven to repair for sacrilege:
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Pope Francis changes schedule to visit
Sri Lankan Buddhist temple [presented with 'relic' ritual]

Pope Francis has become the second pontiff to visit a Buddhist temple, changing his schedule at the last minute to pay his respects at an important place of worship in Sri Lanka’s capital and to witness a key ritual for Buddhists: the opening of a casket containing relics of two important disciples of the Buddha. click here

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Training of the Christian Soldier:
Custody of the Senses

Considerations from a guide for young people are helpful for us all

We shall never be able to control ourselves until we learn to control our outward senses, because everything we learn comes through our senses.
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The Martini Pope
 by John Vennari

We repost this as the reader will find much of the material about Francis has come to fruition over the past year, particularly with regard to the 2014 Synod.
In the 2005 Conclave that elected Ratzinger to the papacy, Cardinal Bergolgio was not only the leading contender, but “the votes of Martini’s supporters, along with others, converged at the time precisely on Bergoglio. Eight years later, in March of 2013, it was again the ‘martiniani’ who backed the election of Bergoglio as pope. This time with success” -
click here for CFN report

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Thought for the Day!

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Let us lift high the Cross
A communication from the Lepanto Foundation
after January 7’s massacre in Paris

“Charlie Hebdo” is a newspaper in which, from its foundation, satire has been placed at the service of an anarchical and libertarian philosophy of life. It can be considered an extreme but consistent expression of relativism in the contemporary West. “Charlie Hebdo” is famous for its cartoons of Mohammed published beginning in 2006, but the filthy blasphemous cartoons published in 2012 for demanding homosexual unions, are forgotten. click here

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Two Momentous Interviews
by Christopher A. Ferrara

Since his removal as head of the Apostolic Signatura (the Church’s highest canonical court) and his rather brutal demotion by Pope Francis to a titular post, Cardinal Raymond Burke has made lemonade out of the lemons he was handed.  As some rightly predicted, the demotion has freed him to speak more openly about the ongoing “Francis revolution,” and in particular the first session of the disastrous “Synod the Family,” which predictably degenerated into an attack on the family by the radical progressives Francis put in charge of this sham. In other interview, Bishop Athanasius Schneider said this about the midterm report: “This is the first time in Church history that such a heterodox text was actually published as a document of an official meeting of Catholic bishops under the guidance of a pope, even though the text only had a preliminary character.”
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Attacks on Thomism
Thomism and Neo-Modernism
by Dr. John Lamont
Although the progressive opponents of Thomism were hostile to philosophy, their attack on Thomism was not a purely negative one; it had the purpose of displacing Thomism and the Catholic philosophical heritage generally, in order to replace them with their own views. These views, which revived essential elements of the modernist heresy of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, need to be grasped in order to understand the current situation of Thomism and of the Church generally... click here

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Pope Announces 15 New Cardinals
None from US - Diversity Push:
Pope names new cardinals 'from 13 countries from every continent' - click here

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This is a ludicrous Vatican Production from the Pontifical Council for Culture.
Yes, this is for real, not a parody. The Vatican has since pulled this English version embarrassing video, but the warped heads at the Council who produced this farcical display are still there!
It's as trendy as it is tawdry! Once again, hokey gimmicks over sound doctrine.
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Send us your comments:

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Who Owns Christmas? A Santa Fe Memory
By Edwin Faust 

     It was noon by the glowing green dial of my alarm clock, but the room was dark because it had no windows, save for one sealed square of opaque glass in the bathroom and another like it, heavily curtained, that looked into the dining room of La Cocina, the restaurant behind which I rented a room on the highway between Santa Fe and Albuquerque. I would occasionally draw back the curtain and try to see through the milky glass into the dining room, but all I could make out were indistinct forms, shadow figures like those seen by the cave dwellers of Plato’s allegory...
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Mrs. Madeline Vennari
October 17, 1924 - December 19, 2014

Please pray for the repose of the soul of my dear mother -
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Pope Francis Presides over "Creola Mass" at Vatican, Dec. 12.
Over 600 priests "concelebrate"
Yet more liturgical abuse
Yet more contempt for Catholic Tradition
Contrast with Pope St. Pius X's Instruction on Sacred Music -
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John Allen: Hot-button issues remain in
new questionnaire for 2015 synod

All things indicate we are headed for another raucous Synod in 2015, even if the new questionnaire appears to contain some traditional phraseology - an old tactic of progressivists to neutralize naive conservative opponents. click here

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CFN Special Edition
traditional-catholic-pius-ix -2

The 150th Anniversary of
Syllabus of Errors

By John Vennari

December 8, 2014, marks the 150th Anniversary of Blessed Pius IX’s Quanta Cura and Syllabus of Errors. Catholic Family News marks this anniversary with a special issue that contains eight articles related to Quanta Cura and the Syllabus. We plan to continue writing on these landmark documents throughout 2015. It is necessary to familiar ourselves with the Syllabus and the great counter-revolutionary Pontiffs. The principles of the anti-liberal Popes should be foundational and habitual in our thinking, for their fight against “Liberal Catholicism” is the same battle we fight today. This or that detail may have changed, but the conflict remains the same. It is one and the same struggle against the agents of the counter syllabus; one and the same struggle against the destructive Modernism these agents ushered in to the highest echelons of the Church... click here

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The High Cost of Obama’s Executive Amnesty
by Phyllis Schlafly
Cost $2 Trillion to Taxpayers - Employers given $3000 incentive to hire illegals - click here
- plus - An uproarious SNL opening that mocks Obama's Amnesty

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Pope Francis vs. St. Francis of Assisi
Contrast: Francis at the Blue Mosque, Francis of Assisi before the Sultan

By John Vennari
Pope Francis has “dared to do what none of his predecessors had ever done,”
Le Figero’s Jean-Marie Guénois rejoiced, “to pray openly, side-by-side with a Muslim dignitary”. click here

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CFN Interview with Dr. John Rao on Gardone Riviera Summer Symposium

2015 Theme: “Forbidden Topics: A Free and Rational Catholic Challenge to the Frightened Modern Mind”
- June 29-July 10, 2015, 11 nights

"Words can't explain it. You have to live the Summer Symposium to know why people come back again and again" - Dr. John Rao - click here for brief interview

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Patti Smith

“The Bergoglio Effect” Pope Francis Invites Notorious Blasphemer To Headline Vatican “Christmas Concert
by Christopher A. Ferrara
One sign of the spreading decadence provoked by the “Bergoglio Effect” is the Pope’s outrageous personal invitation to Patti Smith, the so-called Godmother of Punk Rock, to perform at this year’s Vatican “Christmas concert”... click here
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Where There is No Hatred of Heresy,
There is No Holiness

by Father Frederick William Faber

If we hated sin as we ought to hate it, purely, keenly, manfully, we should do more penance, we should inflict more self-punishment, we should sorrow for our sins more abidingly. Then, again, the crowning disloyalty to God is heresy. It is the sin of sins, the very loathsomest of things which God looks down upon in this malignant world. Yet how little do we understand of its excessive hatefulness! It is the polluting of God’s truth, which is the worst of all impurities...
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Parody - Bergoglio and Synod

Written by John Vennari
Also at our daily blog: click here

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A Key to Understand the Synod:
More Ravages from the New Theology
The Psychotic Synod
The current crisis in the Church has “been not a crisis of faith,
but of a very grave malady of the intellect.”
– Father Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, 1945
by John Vennari

The real principle at work is the Modernist tenet that there can be some transformation of the dogmatic message of the Church over the course of the centuries. The entire Synodal enterprise is Modernism in action, which is the same destructive poltergeist at work in the Church for the last 50+ years. We will demonstrate this truth, and will reveal the little-known Modernist “Inductive” method that is crucial to under October’s radical Synod. click here

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1974 Declaration of Archbishop Lefebvre
Archbishop's Declaration fresh after 40 years - issued November 21, 1974

"We hold fast, with all our heart and with all our soul, to Catholic Rome, Guardian of the Catholic Faith and of the traditions necessary to preserve this faith, to Eternal Rome, Mistress of wisdom and truth. We refuse, on the other hand, and have always refused to follow the Rome of neo-Modernist and neo-Protestant tendencies which were clearly evident in the Second Vatican Council and, after the Council, in all the reforms which issued from it." click here
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Louie Verrecchio and John Vennari - a brief discussion
Quas Primas, Pope Pius XI's Encyclical on the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ - click here

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United Religions Webpage: May 2007: URI leader Bishop Swing Joins with Cardinal Bergoglio – now Pope Francis –
to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the URI's first gathering in Latin America

United Religions Back in the Spotlight
Pope Picked to Lead One-World Church

by Cornelia R. Ferreira

Isn’t it extraordinary how something long in existence can be suddenly re-proposed as a brilliant new idea? Politicians and educators, hoping we have memory problems, often do this to fool us into thinking they are working hard to improve a situation. Another audacious example of this strategy was recently provided by the Holy See’s support of a proposal for a “United Religions” -
click here

Devastating Interview:
Bishop Schneider speaks about the Synod: certain texts "present a radical neopagan ideology..."

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Vennari/Verrecchio Interview: Problems with Vatican II

This is an interview/discussion I conducted with Louie Verrecchio. He tells part of his 'conversion to Tradition' story. It was great fun. Hope you find it helpful, - JV - click here

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The 2014 Synod and Vatican I

by Roberto de Mattei
Infallibility not Unlimited and Arbitrary Power • All the baptized have right to defend their faith, click here

• • •

Voice of Catholic Radio Interview
with John Vennari on "The Psychotic Synod"

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Bishop Fellay: The Synod Opened a Door to Hell!
New Interview: Catastrophic Situation; Modern Church leaders no longer care about the Kingship of Christ; Beatification of Paul VI "trivializes" the Catholic concept of holiness, more, click here

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After criticism, Vatican publishes English translation of final Synod document
by John Henry Westen
Voice of the Family (VOTF), the main lay association representing concerns from life and family groups at the Synod, said that while they were relieved that the official English translation was published today, they were exasperated with Synod organizers.
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Further Synod Manipulation

CFN received this note from a conservative theologian: "It might perhaps be worth a mention that the Vatican communications machine is still doing its best to manipulate the results of the Synod."
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Beatification of Paul VI: Fast Tracked by "Conservative" Pope Benedict...
Famous photo of Pope Paul VI with the six Protestant Ministers consulted in the creation of the New Mass

Paul VI to be Canonized?
The Triumph of Wayward Sentiment
by John Vennari
“The Pope [Benedict XVI] intends to proceed as quickly as possible. The beatification is expected by the end of the Year of Faith. 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of Montini’s election as Pope and the 35th anniversary of his death.” - Andrea Tornielli, December, 2012 -
click here for full article...

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October 19
Papa Bergoglio Praises Paul VI at 'beatification"

"When we look to this great Pope..." click here

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October 18 update...
October 18 Relatio Synodi - paragraphs on Communion for divorced and on homosexuals - in English
Two weeks and all the preparations and months of agony and confusion for this? The section on Communion for divorced and remarriage solves nothing, and reads like a sociology study: "Some say this, others say that, some think this, others recommend that," etc. As for the section on homosexuality, which created the tsunami of scandal this past week, the best we can call it is "weak tea,". It is significant in what it fails to say, such as any use of the word "s-i-n". - click here
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Oct. 17 Synod update: The Scandal continues
Cardinal Marx: Exclusion is not the language of the Church, the debate remains open
“If a same-sex couple has been in a relationship for thirty years, I can’t call that nothing.” Pontier, the President of the French Bishops’ Conference said: "I’ll be surprised if we don’t reach a consensus on the Synod’s final document" -
click here

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Resisting the Heretical Tendency
The Synod relatio of Erdö cancels out with one hit, sin and the natural law
by Roberto de Mattei
The sense of sin is erased; the notions of good and evil abolished; the natural law suppressed; every positive reference to the values of virginity and chastity archived. With the report presented October 13, 2014 to the Synod on the family by Cardinal Peter Erdö, the sexual revolution officially bursts into the Church, with devastating consequences for souls and society. click here

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Francis' Perfidious Synod: Scandal as Worldwide Front Page News
Quick note from John Vennari - As scandalous as is the latest development from the Synod, we should not be surprised... click here

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URGENT! WRITE TO U.S. NUNCIO – Synod poised to surrender Catholic morals! click here

Vatican Synod mid-term report suggests emphasizing ‘positive’ aspects of cohabitation, homosexuality

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A Key to the October Synod
Alien Doctrine
The Synod and Continuous Aggiornamento
by John Vennari

Those who thought Pope Francis was actually exploring the theological possibility of baptizing aliens completely missed his point. His call to go "beyond the limits" has frightening implications for the October synod.
click here for article

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Synod: More Perfidy from Modernist Jesuits
Synod and Truth – or, How a Holy See Journal Created a Historical Deception on Trent to Favor Kasper
by Roberto de Mattei

"The position of those who deny the indissolubility of marriage is formally heretical. The position of those even if accepting in theory the indissolubility of marriage but admit it in practice is defined by Father Perrone as “near heresy.” Such is the censure, according to the most trusted theologians and canonists, that falls on Cardinal Kasper’s position and of all those that share it" - de Mattei - click here for full article

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Interview with Bishop Fellay after
his meeting with Cardinal Müller

The pastoral must necessarily follow the doctrine
  You were received by Cardinal Müller on September 23rd.  The communiqué from the Vatican Press Office repeats the language of the 2005 communiqué issued after your meeting with Benedict XVI, which already said that the parties would “proceed gradually and over a reasonable period of time… with a view to the envisioned full communion.”  The 2014 communiqué, on the other hand, speaks about “full reconciliation.”  Does this mean that you are starting over at the beginning?  click here

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Jews Observe High Holy Days in Catholic Church
Crucifix and Stations of the Cross Covered
"But he that shall deny Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father Who is in Heaven," Matt. 10:33
click here for full story

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SSPX calls for Rosary Novena for the Family
(starts today, September 29)
Requests for Sermons on the Marriage

...To counteract this danger [of the upcoming Synod], the USA District Superior, Fr. Jurgen Wegner, is asking everyone to join in a rosary novena for the defense of the family: "I request that all pastors dedicate at least three sermons in October and November to the fundamental truths about marriage. I request also that you invite all the faithful to join us in a novena of rosaries from September 29th to October 7th. We will offer our rosaries for the defense of the family..." click here

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The Battle of the Civic Center
“Be not deceived; God is not mocked”
SSPX Public Reparation to Black Mass in Oklahoma City, Sept. 21, 2014
Report by Dr. Brian McCall -
click here

• • •

SSPX Oklahoma City: Black Mass Response VIDEO

Sunday, September 21 in Oklahoma City
from SSPX

• • •

True Evangelization Alive and Well
at Catholic Identity Conference, 2014

Report from the Event

The third annual Catholic Identity Conference was held in Weirton, West Virginia, the weekend of September 12-14, 2014. The conference theme this year was “The Old Evangelization: Restoring Liturgy, Mission and Catholic Tradition”.

CFN Editor John Vennari said, “I’ve been privileged to speak at all three annual gatherings, and I think this latest conference was the best CIC yet. The overall theme of the ‘Old’ vs. ‘New’ Evangelization created a strong thematic link throughout the speakers' presentations. Another consistent theme was the recognition of the menace coming from today's most radical elements in Rome.”

Click here for full report - audio CDs available

• • • •

Vatican Diary / Exile to Malta for Cardinal Burke
by Sandro Magister (Chiesa)
The “revolution” of Pope Francis in ecclesiastical governance is not losing its driving thrust. And so, as happens in every self-respecting revolution, the heads continue to roll for churchmen seen as deserving this metaphorical guillotine... click here

• • •

Photos: Catholic Identity Conference, 2014
A magnificent weekend:
Theme: “The Old Evangelization: Restoring Liturgy, Mission and Catholic Tradition”

Click here for a collection of snapshots from the weekend. (Also, Audio CD available).

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Pope Francis and the United Religions Initiative
From Ecumenism to One World Church?
by Cornelia Ferreira

In 2007, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Cardinal of Buenos Aires, Argentina, invited the visiting Episcopal Bishop of California, William Swing, to bring his assorted syncretist colleagues to the Cathedral for an interfaith service with him. Swing’s group was part of the United Religions Initiative, and the purpose of the syncretic worship was to celebrate the URI’s 10th anniversary of its installation in Latin America... click here

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Important Update on October Synod!
Dangerous Synod Proposal:
“New Language” for Natural Law
by John Vennari
            On June 26, Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, Secretary General of the Synod of Bishops, released the
Instrumentum Laboris (Working Document) for the upcoming Extraordinary Synod scheduled for October, 2014.
            As spotlighted in last month’s
CFN, the document contains good points, major deficiencies and frightening proposals. The three most radical proposals are:
            1) A new alleged “pastoral solution” to allow divorce and remarried Catholics to receive Holy Communion;
            2) A new “pastoral approach” that permits the baptism of children from same-sex couples, thus indirectly legitimizing these unions;
            3) A proposed recasting of natural law in “new language”, which threatens to undermine our entire foundation of true morality.
            We dealt with the first two points at length
last month. In this issue we will focus on the Working Document’s worrisome treatment of natural law, starting with one of the most bizarre statements ever to appear in a post-Conciliar document. (Click here for full article)

• • •

Pilate’s Silver: Josephus’ Account of the Passion
by Peter E. Chojnowski, Ph.D.
If we were to attempt to find an extra-biblical historical source to confirm the happenings described in the Gospels, there is certainly none better than that of the Jewish historian Flavius Josephus (37–100 A.D.) click here

For more information, for location, for registration, click here

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Protestant Tony Palmer Receives
Catholic Requiem Mass
Report: Pope Francis Insists he be “Buried as a Bishop”
By John Vennari
          “Father David told us that because Tony [Palmer] was not a Roman Catholic he had to ask his bishop’s permission to celebrate the requiem and though Tony’s wife and children are Roman Catholics, permission still had to be given for the requiem. The bishop agreed but said that Tony could not be buried as a bishop as he was not a Roman Catholic bishop. However, Pope Francis said he should and could be buried as a bishop, and so that put an end to that little bit of ecclesiastical nonsense!”
            The above was written on August 6 by Michael Daly, CJ, a member of the “non-denominational Franciscan” group called the Companions of Jesus, based in the UK. 
click here for article

• • •

The Unholy Trinity of Modern Errors
Naturalism, Rationalism and Liberalism
By Robert J. Siscoe

In this article we will examine the errors of Naturalism and its two offspring: Rationalism and Liberalism. We will see that Rationalism is simply the application of Naturalism to human reason, while Liberalism is the application thereof to the human will. Together these errors form an unholy Trinity, within which Naturalism is the father, Rationalism is the prideful son proceeding from the father, and Liberalism is the rebellious daughter who proceeds from both the father and the son. click here

• • •

Radical Synod Planned for October
Working Document Reveals Revolutionary Aims
By John Vennari
On June 26, the Vatican released its Working Document (Instrumentum Laboris) for the upcoming October Synod on the Family, a ponderous text of over 25,000 words. It is a thoroughly Conciliar manuscript. There is no mention of any document from the Church’s magisterium prior to Vatican II. Apart from Scriptural citations, all references are from Vatican II and post-Conciliar texts. The document contains good points, major deficiencies and frightening proposals. The three most radical proposals are: click here for article

Francis Speaks, Scalfari Transcribes, Brandmüller Shreds
As a Church historian, the German cardinal refutes the notion according to which clerical celibacy was an invention of the 10th century. No, he objects: its origin is with Jesus and the apostles. And he explains why. (In other words, Cardinal Brandmüller Corrects Francis) - click here
• • •

Contemporary Anti-Intellectualism

by Dr. Raphael Waters, D.Ph., L.Ph., Ph.C.

This brilliant article by the Thomistic philosopher Dr. Waters summarizes many of the main points he taught his students in his classes on metaphysics, philosophical psychology and ethics. click here

• • •

Another Clueless Bishop:
President of the Philippines' Bishops' Conference: Before Francis,
Church was a "dogmatic, self engrossed and authoritative sick institution"

More of the destructive "Francis Effect" - click here

• • •

July 2 update:
"Our Lady of Good Success"
Your Questioned Answered with Father Gruner

Brief video - Hosted by John Vennari

• • •

June 30 update:
A note from John Vennari
daily web updates resume. - click here

• • •

From Economic Slavery to Freedom
By Raphael T. Waters, D. Ph., L. Ph., Ph.C.

"From Slavery to Economic Freedom" is a previously unpublished work from Dr. Raphael Waters (above), eminent professor Thomistic philosophy, that bears careful consideration. Completed in 2005, it approaches the economic question from a Thomistic understanding of the body politic and the common good. Is capitalism per se evil? What is the problem with socialism? This and many more related topics examined. click here

Out of the mouths of babes…

Pope’s niece says her uncle will update "stagnate" and "outdated" Church
"...that's why I believe life has put my uncle to renew this certain system of thought that was getting stagnated" click here

• • •

Vatican II May Fail:
Msgr. Joseph Clifford Fenton's 1962 Warning

by John Vennari
Msgr. Joseph Clifford Fenton explained at the time that the Council may not be a success, and listed criteria by which we may judge if the Council is a success. Vatican II failed on all counts.
click here

• • •

Letter of the Superior General regarding the
death of Rev. Kenneth Walker, FSSP

Father Kenneth Walker, FSSP, ordained 2012

Fraternity of St. Peter Priest Murdered in Phoenix
Another Priest Critically Injured

The Mater Misericordiae Mission, the Latin Mass community of the Diocese of Phoenix, Arizona, run by the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP), was the scene of a terrible tragedy on Wednesday night, following the breaking and entering of their church by armed burglars. click here

• •

Francis and four points of Apostate Action
Islamic prayers to be held at the Vatican
by John Vennari

This Sunday, June 8, Pope Francis will allow for the first time in history Islamic prayers from the Quoran to be recited at the Vatican. The service is said to be in the cause of Peace in the Middle East. This radical initiative is scandalous on at least four counts: click here

• • •

Divorce: Pope Francis telephones Argentine Woman
Q & A Program with Father Gruner, hosted by John Vennari

Report: Pope Francis tells Argentine woman who is divorced and remarried that she can receive Holy Communion.
Vatican has yet to deny!

• • •

Saint Pius X and Theodore Herzl - Gesture
of Apology by Pope Francis?

Francis effectively apologized for St. Pius X's adherence to Catholic doctrine.
"The Israeli daily newspaper Israel Hayomand internet radio station Arutz Sheva reported a few days ago on the Pope's visit to the Holy Land, the Catholic Church leader's intention to make a 'gesture of apology' to the founder of Zionism, because of the 'injustice' that Theodor Herzl had received from St. Pius X.. But what did St. Pius X did to the Zionist leader? Theodor Herzl himself reported...." click here

• • •

Catholicism and Wealth Redistribution
By Brian McCall, J.D.

Dr. Brian McCall explains crucial distinctions in Catholic Social teaching that are conspicuously missing from Francis' constant imprecise statements. Dr. McCall deals with false ideas regarding equality; distinction between Commutative and Distributive Justice; distinction between Redistribution or Restitution; the important principle of Subsidiatiry, all points either not mentioned or never properly addressed by Papa Bergoglio.

..vague unqualified statements condemning inequality and calling for State compelled redistributions without limiting such to restitution can easily and understandably be aligned with the errors of Socialism. " click here

• • •

Pope kisses the hand of, concelebrates
Mass with pro-homosexual activist priest
By Hillary White


Pope Francis raised eyebrows earlier this month by concelebrating Mass with and kissing the hand of a leading homosexual activist priest campaigning for changes in the Church’s teaching on homosexuality. On May 6, Francis received the 93 year-old priest who has cofounded the homosexualist activist organization, Agedo Foggia, that is opposed to Catholic Church teaching - click here
• • •

Who Was Paul VI?
A review of Msgr. Villa’s Paul VI Beatified?

By Robert J. Siscoe

Jean Guitton, a close friend of Paul VI, said that Paul VI always seemed to him more like a layman than a cleric. “I noticed how his thoughts were of a secular kind. With him, one was not in the presence of a ‘cleric’, but of a layman, promoted, unexpectedly, to the papacy”. click here
In light of the astonishing claim that this man is worthy of beatification, we place Mr. Siscoe's important piece once again in the spotlight. Diabolic disorientation indeed!

• • •

Freemasons in the Catholic Hierarchy
Discussion with Father Nicholas Gruner and John Vennari

- click here

• • •

Breaking: Harvard's Black Mass Canceled After Outrage
A Harvard student group’s planned satanic “black mass” has been canceled after widespread condemnation from religious and educational leaders, who called the event an affront to the faithful. click here

'Satanic Black Mass' to
Take Place Tonight at Harvard

Two news reports:
Reparation needed - Even the Archdiocese of Boston
has scheduled a Holy Hour of Reparation

click here

• • •

Another Round? New Claim that Bishop Fellay Met with Pope Francis

by John Vennari

It is said that “the Pope has a true interest in resolving this situation,” but it is hard to know exactly what this means, especially from Papa Bergolgio’s context. In his short time in the Vatican, Francis already has a track record of derogatory comments about traditional Catholics... click here

• • •

Akita Pilgrimage 2014

8th Annual Akita Pilgrimage, 2014: Organized by the Society of St. Pius X. Pilgrims came from Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and one each from Poland, Canada and US. Full write-up of Akita Pilgrimage and other stops in Japan will be in the print edition of the June 2014 CFN

(I just returned from the trip on late May 8; was gone since April 30 - jv) click here for short video and photos

• • •

tintoretto_theresurrection_of_christQuestions and Answers on Salvation
by Father Michael Muller, C.SS.R.
Do all admit that the Catholic Church is the first and the oldest Church, and, consequently the Church established by Jesus Christ?
That the Catholic Church is the first and oldest and consequently the Church established by Jesus Christ, is and must be admitted by all, because it is a fact clearly proven by Scripture and by history. (A defense of Extra Ecclesia...) - click here for entire article
• • •

Obama Praises "Revolutionary" Pontiffs
"The work and witness of both Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II shaped not only the Catholic Church but the world. Pope John XXIII articulated powerful roles for the Church in the cause of global peace and justice, and by convening the Second Vatican Council he revolutionized not only aspects of worship but the Catholic Church’s relationship with other faith communities..." - Barack Obama - click here

• • •


"Canonizing" a Contradiction

"The splendid absurdity of the event..." click here

• • •

The Secret of Pope John Paul II’s Success
by John Vennari

"Yet nowhere in this tsunami of sentiment did I see anyone praise him for achieving the primary purpose of the papacy: unswervingly fidelity to the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church as taught and practiced throughout the centuries. Nowhere did I see him praised for preserving the purity of doctrine and the maintenance of discipline in the Church worldwide. Pope John Paul II was not praised for this because he did not achieve it. And for a Pope to fail in this area is to fail mightily...." click here

• • •

SSPX Bishop Fellay: "We vigorously protest these canonizations"

"If on April 27th John XXIII and John Paul II are canonized, the act will present a double problem to the Catholic conscience. Firstly, the problem of the canonization itself: how can it be possible to offer to the whole Church as an example of sanctity the instigator of Vatican Council II and the Pope of Assisi and human rights? But there is also the deeper problem of what will appear to be an unprecedented recognition of catholicity: how is it possible to put the Church’s stamp of approval and sanctity on the teachings of such a Council, which inspired all of Karol Wojtyla’s action and whose rotten fruits are the indisputable indication of the Church’s self-destruction? ..."
click here
Letter to Friends and Benefactors no. 82

• • 

The difference between the two opinions [Bellarmine & Suarez] refers to when and how a heretical Pope loses his office, but both opinions agree that a judgment of guilt must be rendered by the proper authorities, or by the guilty party himself, in order for the Pope to be considered no longer Pope. And such a judgment, and consequent determination, is not the domain of private opinion.
Bellarmine and Suarez on
The Question of a Heretical Pope

By Robert J. Siscoe

The main point: it is the Church that must declare that a pope loses his office, not the individual. Quotes Bellarmine, Suarez, John of St. Thomas and St. Francis de Sales on this topic. click here

• • •

"In the case of a Pope, to be considered a saint he must have exercised heroic virtue in performing his mission as Pontiff, as was for example, the case for Saint Pius V or Saint Pius X. Well, as far as John XXIII, I am certain after careful consideration, that his pontificate was objectively harmful to the Church and so it is impossible to speak of sanctity for him" - Professor Roberto de Mattei

Catholic Family News Interviews
Professor Roberto de Mattei:

On the proposed April 27 Canonizations
of Popes John XXIII and John Paul II
"If I had to admit that Pope Roncalli exercised virtue in a heroic way while carrying out his role of Pontiff, I would undermine at the core, the rational presuppositions of my faith. When in doubt, I adhere to the dogma of faith established by the First Vatican Council, according to which there can be no contradiction between faith and reason..."
click here for exclusive interview

• • •

Msgr. Fenton [r] noted there were those at the Council who wanted the Church to
abandon "Counter-Reformation" theology.

Cardinal Ottaviani and the Council
by Msgr. Joseph Clifford Fenton

Editor’s note: Catholic Family News is pleased to reproduced the following, which appeared in the January 1963 American Ecclesiastical Review. It is of historical importance as it was written just after the close of Vatican II’s first session. The eminent theologian Msgr. Joseph Clifford Fenton, the magazine’s editor, wrote a defense of Cardinal Ottaviani after the Cardinal had been continually vilified by the press. Msgr. Fenton explains that it was Cardinal Ottaviani’s twenty-eight year success in preserving the purity of Catholic doctrine that earned him the scorn of the liberals. Tragically, Cardinal Ottaviani’s work to preserve the purity of Catholic doctrine at Vatican II was foiled by the progressivist forces at the Council, a calamity that even Msgr. Fenton, at the time of writing this article, did not believe would happen. click here

• • •

Q&A: What About Natural Family Planning? - short video
People forget that "family planning" is the enemy's terminology - click here

• • •

Voice of Catholic Radio:

Interview with John Salza on the Limits of Papal Authority

The Voice of Catholic Tradition presents an interview with John Salza, who clearly and expertly distinguishes authentic papal authority from misleading and ambiguous statements made by Pope Francis. John Salza discusses with host, Joe Bagnoli, why Catholics must adhere to Tradition in order to safeguard their faith during the revolutionary times following the Second Vatican Council. 39 min. - click here
• • •

Short Video: Catholic Students at Fisher More College
April 4 Edition: of "Your Questions Answered with Father Gruner"
A School Survey reveals solid and faithful Catholic young adults! Why can't they have the Old Latin Mass? -
click here

Short Video: The Latin Mass at Fisher More College
April 3 Edition of "Your Questions Answered with Father Gruner"
A discussion on Fort Worth's Bishop Olson illegally "forbidding"
the Tridentine Mass at Fisher More college -
click here

• • •

Doubt and Confusion:
The New "Canonizations"

by John Vennari
Contrast between old and new canonization procedures • Weaknesses of the new system • the Mother Teresa "Miracle" • A compromised "Escriva" canonization • Young Catholic Homeschoolers horrified at John Paul II's pan-religious Assisi meeting • Doubt due to defect of procedure • click here

• • •

Kasper & Marriage: What exactly happened
in the February Consistory, anyway?

Very Relevant: Exclusive for La Stampa: What exactly happened in the February Consistory, anyway? • Majority of Cardinals against Kasper Doctrine • Müller's strong words on "public opinion" click here

• • •


A Bishop Speaks at the Council
Archbishop Lefebvre and Vatican II: The Defense of Tradition
March 25, 2014 marks the 23rd anniversary of Archbishop Lefebvre's death. This is an account of his heroic fight for Tradition during Vatican II - click here

• • •

Vatican Says Body of John XXIII No Miracle
Traditionally, the Catholic Church does not declare an occurrence miraculous until every natural explanation is exhausted. click here

• • •

A brief commentary on Michael Voris' CMTV assault on Traditional Catholic Writers
Video: Traditional Catholics and Noah's Nakedness
by John Vennari

• • •

Invincible or Inculpable Ignorance
Neither Saves nor Damns a Person
by Father Michael Müller, C.Ss.R.
"Mark well, Pius IX uttered these solemn words against 'certain men', whom he calls the enemies of the Catholic Faith, ― he means liberal minded Catholics and priests, as is evident from other Allocutions, in which he says that he has condemned not less than forty times their perverse opinions about religion." click here

• • •

Rolling Stone on Pope Francis:
The Times they are A'Changin'

It's what you would expect from Rolling Stone, cheers for Francis' progressivism,
and sneers for the traditional Catholic Faith.
click here

• • •

The Guilds: Figures of the Mystical
Body and Economic Common Sense

by Peter Chojnowski, Ph.D.
Rather than being something forced or imposed on an unwilling population, the guilds appear to have been voluntary associations formed for the mutual benefit of the members. These associations were encouraged by the Church and officially sanctioned by the State. Read More...

• • •

Jan 3 update:
Three videos on the Old Latin Mass
Part of the daily series from the Fatima Center: Questions and Answers with Father Gruner
In late December 2013, we dealt with these three topics:
1) Do We Need Permission for the Old Latin Mass?
2) The Latin Mass: Our Duty
3) What if a Priest is refused "Permission" for the Old Latin Mass
Videos are about six minutes each -
click here for videos

• •

Stories from Don Bosco
Feast day, January 31
Training for Confession & Don Bosco's Miracle of the Loaves -
click here

• • •

Former Board Member Robert Drumm
Defends Fisher More and Michael King

From Robert J. Drumm
ll just close by pointing out again that this is really about the old Mass and the life that flows from it. The diocese took no interest in the College until the Fort Worth Star Telegram feature ran and made it clear that the institution’s liturgical life is centered around the old Mass." click here

• • •

The “Holy” in Holy Father
By John V
March 13, 2014 - Note: Today is the one-year anniversary of the election of Pope Francis. CFN readers may recall I was at the Vatican for the event. While in Rome, I did some three-minute TV Spots for Fatima TV on the Conclave and the Election. The following is a slightly edited transcript from the first segment we filmed the morning after Pope Francis' election. click here

• • 

Cardinal Dolan says "B
ravo!" to
ll Star “coming out” as Homosexual
From J Vennari
With the ascension of Papa Bergoglio and his reckless approach to the Faith, I’ve been saying the Church is now in a free fall. But with the following report, I think we may have hit rock bottom. click here

• • •

Father Brian Harrison on Kasper's Assault
on Marriage: "Satan shaking the Church"
"The German bish
ops have devised a pastoral plan to admit divorced and remarried Catholics to Communion, whether or not a Church tribunal has granted a decree of nullity of their first marriage...Let us make no mistake: Satan is right now shaking the Church to her very foundations over this divorce issue." click here

• •

her More Refuses to “Censor” Her Faculty: Therefore Fisher More Shall have no more Mass
"Dudley Lecture"
By Brian McCall, JD
The surprising controversy over Dr. Dudley's lecture "The Faith in Europe": "By quoting the text of the Council Constitution on the Liturgy, Dr. Dudley argue
s that the Council explicitly and at other points implicitly authorized and enabled the dismantling of the Mass as preserved by Tradition in favor of a new form that bears more of a resemblance to a Protestant communion service than the Traditional Mass. Again he says nothing other than what Michael Davies claimed in his writings which were spoken of with praise by Cardinal Ratzinger." click here

• • •

Resisting Wayward Prelates According to the Saints
By John Vennari

In times of great confusion, such as our own day, many Catholics are baffled on how to react. Some claim that we must obey our leaders no matter what, and that to voice the slightest disagreement with them is a manifestation of disrespect and disobedience. Not only is this way of thinking incorrect, it also paralyzes Catholics into in
action and heightens their confusion. What we hope to demonstrate is that, according to the Saints, and according to the consistent teaching of the Church, Catholics are bound to resist even prelates if they deviate from the unchanging doctrine and Tradition of the Catholic Church. click here

• • •

Bishop Bans Fisher More College from offering Traditional Latin Mass to Students

In a stunning and breathtaking letter, the Most Rev. Michael Olson, the newly-consecrated bishop of the Fort Worth Diocese and the second-youngest bishop in the United States, has fully and totally banned the offering of the Traditional Latin Mass in the chapel of Fisher More College, where it has been offered for the la
st three years on a daily basis by chaplains all approved by his predecessor bishop according to the college. click here

• • •

A Response to Michael Voris' assault
against Traditional Catholic Writers

Thank you Mr. Louie Verrecchio for your common-sense response to a remarkably silly and confused attack against us by Michael Voris' Church Militant TV

From J Vennari: Here is what Voris' ChurchMilitantTV said about us, as part of a larger manifesto:
"It is our judgment that most Catholics should not read articles and essays
such as those above by Christopher A. Ferrara and John Vennari, nor similarly themed articles and essays available elsewhere. We also believe that such articles and essays should not be published anywhere for public consumption but, rather, reserved for those capable of reading such without risk of damaging their faith in the Church and the Vicar of Christ. We make these recommendations for the same reasons that we discourage people from visiting sedevacantist and pornography web sites: they are potential occasions of sin…"

For Mr. Verrecchio's intelligent response, click here

• • •

Former Pope Benedict Insists: "My Resignation
was valid; speculations are simply absurd"
by John Vennari
Ratzinger wrote in his letter of reply. 'The only condition for the validity of my resignation is the complete freedom of my decision..." click here

• • •

Homini Gaudium: A Lot of Joy for Man
but not a Lot of Justice for God
Pope Francis on Economic
By Brian McCall, JD
Unlike Leo XIII and Piu
s XI, Francis’ analysis is not rooted in our obligations in justice (although he places a few off hand allusions to justice). The overwhelming thrust of his argument is emotional. click here

• • •

The Four Temperaments
by Father Antonio Royo Marin, O.P.
or’s Note: The Catholic teaching on The Four Temperaments is invaluable to help us understand others, and is also a great aid to child-rearing. The following is one of the best treatments on the subject available. It is especially helpful as it describes the Temperaments using the examples of various saints. Click here

• • • 

VOCR interv
iew with J Vennari on Andrew
Cuomo and Vatican II Disorientation

Interview with Voice of Catholic Radio host Joe Bagnoli. It was posted on line this weekend. The interview was about Gov Andrew Cuomo's comment that pro-life and 'anti-gay' people "have no place in the State of New York".  The thrust of the interview was on the lack of response from Catholic leaders, and the reasons for this lack of reponse. Where are the Bishop Hubbards? Where are the Cardinal Dolans? We covered a range of topics. Hope you find it useful - j vennari [2-1-2014] - click here


• • 

January 15 update! 11:00 pm

They made their goal! College to remain open!
Astounding student initiative raises over $295,000 in one week!
Congratulations also to Faithful Catholics who donated, both large and small amounts, and who recognize the importance of a four-year, accredited Traditional Catholic College

and special thanks to the Holy Infant of Prague

• • •

Update: CFN Special Report

Spectacular Student Initiative
to Rescue Fisher More College

When news came that Fisher More may not open for the new 2014 semester, students leapt into action.
The best donor comment so far,
“I was going to give $1000 but then I saw that the faculty takes the Oath Against Modernism, so I increased it [to $2500].
click here for report
please help Fisher More!

• • •

Urgent! Please help save Fisher More College. The students are pleading for your help. Catholic young adults who need and crave a Traditional Catholic College Education beg your assistance. Fisher More is the only accredited Traditional Catholic four year college in North America. Please see the appeal below from the students themselves. And please help them save their College. Thank you. - John Vennari, Catholic Family News

The students themselves have banded together to save the college.
click here for Students' Appeal

• • •

A Visit to Fisher More College
Interview with College President, Dr. Michael King
“We operate on the motto that the parents' 18 years of sacrifice and commitment raising their children Catholic at home should not be undone in 3 months of college.” - Dr. Michael King, President, Fisher More College
Tridentine Mass • Classical Catholic Curriculum • Accredited

Note from JV: From November 4-7, I was privileged to visit Fisher More College in Fort Worth Texas. It is s a thoroughly traditional Catholic institution that is faithful to Catholic doctrine “in the same meaning and in the same explanation” as the Church taught throughout the centuries. It also offers a home-school program for grades 4-7. What follows is an interview I conducted with Dr. Michael King. Fisher More is an enterprise that will be of great interest to Catholic parents and a project worthy of our support. click here

• • •

May Catholics Eat Meat on Friday?
5 minute video

This is part of the new "Your Questions Answered by Father Gruner" hosted by John Vennari
A new video is posted each day, Monday through Fridays:
See announcement of
"New Daily Program"

• • •

Lepanto Society: We ask for the resignation of Fr. Volpi,
commissioner of the Franciscans of the Immaculate

Father Volpi “deposed the entire general government of the order, starting from its founder, Fr. Stefano Maria Manelli, who finds himself under house arrest without even knowing the reasons why…”

• • •

A CFN Plea for Fisher More College
It is one thing to complain about the horrific state of Catholic higher education, it is quite another to try to do something about it. - click here

Blessed Christmas
Blessed Abbot Marmion on the Nativity -
click here

• • •

Pope Francis’ Protestant
Meditation on Our Lady
Our Lady may have thought, “Lies! I was deceived!”?
By John Vennari
This meditation puts the Queen of Prophets on the same level as the blind Pharisees who had no idea of what Our Lord was talking about when Jesus told them He was establishing His Kingdom... click here

• • •

Homosexual "LGBT" magazine The Advocate proclaims
Pope Francis their "Person of the Year" (this is not photoshopped, this is the actual magazine cover)

Francis Purges Vatican 'Conservatives'
Not only Burke -- Brotherly Purge from "Francis the Good"

A report from Rome's Il Foglio - click here

• • •

Ignored by the media: Mandela pushed one of the most pro-abortion laws ever
Serving as the Republic of South Africa's president from 1994-1999, Mandela not only signed the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act of 1996 , he was also one of the most ardent supporters of what the openly pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute calls "one of the most liberal abortion laws in the world." click here

• • •

Aquinas Alive
a simple intro to Thomistic Philosophy by John Vennari
Easy Listening Course - for High School and adults
Audio CDs - inexpensive trial offer

go to:

• • •


Catholic Identity Conference 2013:
A Magnificent Weekend

Audio CDs Available

Speakers: Father Gregory Pendergraft, FSSP, Christopher Ferrara • Michael Matt • John Rao
John Vennari • James Vogel • Michael Voris • John Henry Westen

Click here for Full Report

• • • 

World Youth Day 2013: Showcase of Liturgical Abuse

From J Vennari: I put together an 8-minute collage from the three-hour Papal Mass on World Youth Day, July, 28, 2013.

The purpose of this video is not simply to find fault, but to remind us of the tremendous struggle in which we are now engaged; how much work there is to do for the restoration of the true Faith and Catholic liturgical practice; how far removed from
a Catholic sense are our bishops and Vatican leaders (Pope Francis had nothing but praise for this latest WYD event); and the need to make Reparation for these abuses against the Eucharist and Catholic worship itself.

• • • •
• • •

Reuters: Obama welcomes
Pope Francis' remarks on gays, abortion

You didn't have to be Nostradamus to predict this one. A nightmare. - click here

• • •

Another Disturbing Interview from Pope Francis

October 1, 2013: . Disturbing statements on "proselytism is nonsense"; "following your conscience"; and towards a more "collegial" and "synodal" Church structure. I recorded this commentary immediately after reading the Pope's latest La Repubblica interview. Please share with others.
- J Vennari

click here

• • •
Hans Küng Loves Evangelii Gaudium
Pope Francis' text is a call for Church reform
at all levels, says Hans Küng

From The Tablet - click here

• • •

Pope Francis and the Old Covenant
The Apostolic Exhortation
Evangelii Gaudium
By John Vennari

On Tuesday, November 26, Pope Francis released his Apostolic Exhortation
Evangelii Gaudium, “On the Proclamation of the Gospel in Today’s World”. The document is guided by the new orientation of Vatican II. Francis in this document follows the modernist line that the Old Covenant was not superseded by the New. click here

• • •

The Disaster Widens:
Illinois Lawmakers Note Pope Francis' Reckless Remarks Helped
them decide
IN FAVOR of same-sex "marriage"
click here

• • •

November 1 - Feast of All Saints addition to those whom the Church honors by special designation, or has inscribed in her calendar, how many martyrs are there whose names are not recorded! click here

• • •

Vatican Security Harasses Father Gruner
Three times in two days: Oct. 12-13, 2013 - see video
Head of Vatican Security tells Father Gruner: "Don't go near the Pope!"

Click here for video interviews of John Vennari with Father Gruner

• • •

New Interview with John Vennari on Pope Francis

John Vennari, Editor of Catholic Family News interviewed by Joe Bagnoli of
Voice of Catholic Radio on the controversial words and actions of Pope Francis. - Recorded October 10, 2013 - click here

• • •

Bishop Fellay on Pope Francis
“We have in front of us a genuine Modernist!”

Bishop Bernard Fellay warned on October 12, “The situation of the Church is a real disaster, and the present Pope is making it 10,000 times worse." click here

• • •

Pope Francis Taking Ecumenism to a New Level
'Argentina’s Rabbi Abraham Skorka, who has stayed with Pope Francis since September 25, tells how Pope Francis and he are making history by their friendship, and reveals that they dream of traveling together to the Holy Land soon'. click here


Pope Francis and Tradition

By John Vennari

Eight quick points: "It is always perilous to hazard a prediction, but I will advance the following: Granted, I do not think Pope Francis will take an active interest in suppressing the Old Mass. However, if he is asked to make a decision between a traditional group and a progressivist bishop, or progressivist cause, I think he will favor the progressivists every time... it is in this manner that Tradition will be disfavored under this pontificate (along with Pope Francis’ “positive” actions to advance the new orientation)." click here

• • •

Archbishop Pozzo on Tradition,
the New Mass, Vatican II

Archbishop Pozzo is now reappointed to the Vatican's Ecclesia Dei Commission. The following SSPX write up from June 2011 gives a glimpse of his mindset regarding Tradition, the New Mass and Vatican II. click here

• • •


The False Accusation of "Pelagian"
These unjust and innacurate accusations can "make life next to impossible for the traditional-minded parish priest who is, now more than ever, being accused by his flock of putting himself 'above the Church' by his devotion to reverence in the liturgy and traditional Catholic teaching." click here

• • •

Roberto de Mattei: Franciscans of the Immaculata Models
in Situation of Liturgical, Theological and Moral Anarchy

"But today the bad is rewarded and the good is punished. It is not surprising that it is the same Cardinal, who is taking action against the Franciscans of the Immaculata with an iron fist, who at the same time pleads understanding and dialogue for the heretical and schismatic American Women Religious..." click here

• • •

Pope Francis Contra Traditional Mass?

July 29: No one familiar with Cardinal Bergoglio's (Pope Francis') background should find this suprising. Over the last day or so, two pieces of news surfaced that indicate Pope Francis bears no real love for the Traditional Latin Mass or for a return to pre-Vatican II structures.Posted are excerpts that are linked to the complete articles. click here

A Compromised Conclave?

It is now revealed that the NSA was tapping the phones and communications of the entire Vatican establishment, including Pope Benedict and Pope Francis before, during and after the Conclave. click here

Two Saints of the Eucharist
Tarsicius and Pius X

by Susan Vennari

"When I was eight years old, I fell in love..." click here

• • •

Bertone Out! Francis Appoints New Secretary of State
by John Allen • "Today Francis filled that key slot, appointing 58-year-old Italian Archbishop Pietro Parolin to succeed 78-year-old Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, who held the position under Pope • Benedict XVI." click here
• • •

Voris: The "Church of Nice" Strikes Back!

From script: "Then, on top of it, some enterprising comm boxers dug up official numbers that the top dogs at Catholic Answers all make at least a hundred thousand a year, with Karl Keating pulling down a cool quarter a million and Jimmy Akin and Tim Staples each over a hundred thousand. That apparently set off a race among some bloggers to investigate how much other big name Catholic media people are pulling down. And a number of Catholics in the blogosphere are expressing shock. EWTN bigwigs are all well into the six digit figures with funded retirement packages. Doug Keck and Michael Warsaw are each north of $130,000 and Raymond Arroyo is over 100K. Ave Maria Radio’s Al Kresta makes $115,000 a year and Relevant Radio’s Drew Mariana earns around 150K. All of these figures by the way come from viewers who dug into the official IRS public numbers, and posted them online, available because these are all nonprofits and must report salaries. They were spurred on by Catholic Answers’ recent financial plea. Various viewers who have seen these salaries have expressed feelings ranging from surprise to shock to outrage."

• • • 

The Seven Habits of
Highly Effective Hate-Mongers

by John Vennari

On the Southern Povery Law Center. In light of new attacks from this reckless organization, we repost our response. click here

• • •

Dancing Bishops at WYD, Rio 2013
Pathetic and Effeminate
(see video)
For short video, click here

• • •

Rootin' tootin' liturgies at World Youth Day

World Youth Day events are rife with liturgical abuse. Click here

• • •

SSPX: Analysis of Lumen Fidei,
the first Encyclical of Pope Francis

Lumen fidei is indeed in line with post-conciliar teaching.  Vatican II wanted to open up the Church to the modern world, which is characterized by its rejection of the argument from authority.  Thus the Council claimed to be pastoral, avoiding all dogmatic definition so as not to give the impression of coercing contemporary minds.  From this perspective, the considerations on faith in Lumen fidei are somewhat reminiscent of what the immanentist philosopher Maurice Blondel wrote: If faith increases our knowledge, it is not initially and principally inasmuch as it teaches us certain objective truths by authorized testimony, but rather inasmuch as it unites us to the life of a subject, inasmuch as it initiates us, through loving thought, to another thought and another love." click here

• • •

42 second video of
Lay "Eucharistic Ministers" at Pope Francis' July 8 Liturgy in Lampedusa, Italy

• • •
Lay "Eucharistic Ministers" at Pope Francis' July 8 Liturgy in Lampedusa, Italy

How About "An Association of Reparation for
Eucharistic Abuses at Papal Masses"?

I'm thinking about forming a loose association for concerned Catholics who resolve to make at least one extra act of reparation per day for the liturgical and Eucharist abuses that occur at post-Conciliar Papal Masses. These abuses were a hallmark of Pope John Paul II's liturgies, were present in Benedict XVI's, and are evidently a part of Pope Francis' approach. - jv
click here

July 11 Update: Please continue to contact us via email on this project. We are getting a positive response and will post comments and plan of action in the near future. Thank you.- jv click here

• • •

Some Initial Reflections on the Encyclical, Lumen Fidei

By John Vennari

I read the new Encyclical this morning. I do not intend to embark on a detailed examination or critique of the document. Others can take on that task. For now, here are a few brief observations... click here

• • •

The Secret of Pope John Paul II’s Success

by John Vennari

"Yet nowhere in this tsunami of sentiment did I see anyone praise him for achieving the primary purpose of the papacy: unswervingly fidelity to the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church as taught and practiced throughout the centuries..." click here

• • • 
June 30, 2013: The 25th Anniversary of the SSPX Episcopal Consecrations
Understanding the Episcopal Consecrations
in the Context of a Legally Unhinged World

By Brian M. McCall, JD

Anniversaries of historic events are an important opportunity to pause and consider the commemorated event in light of larger historical implications. The consecration of bishops by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre on June 30, 1988, is one of the most historic events of the last quarter century, if not the last half-century.
click here

• • •

Father Morgan: Bishop Fellay Has
Renounced April 2012 Doctrinal Declaration Text

"Bishop Fellay stated publicly in Ireland and Britain that he not merely withdrew the document, but that he renounced it. " click here

• • •

Space Altar!
World Youth Day 2013

• • •

50 Years ago today!
June 21, 1963 - Cardinal Montini Elected as Paul VI

See Si Si No No Installment on the "New Theology":
The Montini-Delubac Alliance -
click here

• • • 

Blessed Pius IX, a Model in our Struggle
"You must fight energetically" - Pius IX

A few thoughts - from John Vennari

Pope Francis is thoroughly of the Vatican II orientation. He was formed in the 1960s by the Jesuits, so we cannot expect much else... I see the need to step up our resistance to the Vatican II chaos is greater than ever, since John Paul II, Benedict XVI and now Pope Francis have more and more established the new orientation as the new norm. Too many of today’s Catholics believe the ‘spirit of Assisi’ and ecumenical gatherings constitute the true face of Catholicism. click here

• • • •

Archbishop Lefebvre on
Jesus Christ and “All the Religions”

(And a Contrast with Cardinal Bergoglio)

CFN Editor’s note: This is a sober reflection on the truth of Jesus Christ and of false religions from Archbishop Lefebvre’s beautiful book The Mystery of Jesus. By contrast we have appended then-Cardinal Bergoglio’s statement from his 2010 book On Heaven and Earth (co-written with Rabbi Abraham Skorka) on the Cardinal’s enthusiastic welcome of false religions to offer public prayers in a pan-religious ‘spirit of Assisi’ styled event that he organized at his cathedral. click here

• • •

Interview with John Vennari on Vatican II
50th Anniversary: What is there to Celebrate?

Also available as free MP3 download
go to:'

• • •

Sermon given by Bishop Bernard Tissier de Mallerais
at the Pontifical Mass during the Chartres to Paris Pilgrimage
on Whit Sunday – 19th May 2013

"Since the Church is officially occupied by the Modernists, we are sent into exile, carrying the Church within us, and this may last for a few more years..." click here

• • •

Cardinal Bergoglio receives "joint blessing" from Catholic and Protestant pentecostal ministers

Pope Francis, Pentecostals and Interreligious Action
by John Vennari
Cardinal Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, states in his newly-released book
On Heaven and Earth that he happily allowed Protestant Pastors to pray over him at a huge Charismatic Conference. He further says he is baffled as to why anyone would find this objectionable. click here

Companion piece:
"Catholic" Pentecostalism:
Grown in the Garden of Protestantism

• • •

Nigel Farage: "This EU is the New Communism. It is Power without Limits."
Magnificent - 3 minute video

• • •

John Allen on “Healing the Lefebvre 'Schism'”
Excerpt from an NCR column and brief commentary - click here

• • •

Pope Leo XIII predicted Obama’s America

"Now this is simply a road leading to tyranny..." - click here

• • •

Why do you love a Council of Mass Destruction?
Why Do You Love Decay?
The 50th Anniversary of Vatican II

Some pointed questions for our Church leaders...
"I believe we should also mount a no-compromise offensive, asking our Church leaders to explain their fervor for inherently flawed documents; why they insist, contrary to their duty to teach the Catholic Faith integral and inviolate, on passing off damaged goods as quality merchandise." - click here

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Parisian Police Beat Priests:
Catholic priests pummeled by the Regime!

Pro-True Marriage Demonstration

The SSPX brothers and priest were present at the demonstration Manif Pour Tous on April 19th, and were very roundly beaten, knocked to the ground and kicked.
Click here for brief story and video

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Report: Pope Francis to give more lay-women top Vatican jobs and break the grip of Italian cardinals

From the Sunday Times, UK -
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New Facebook Group:
Hardheads for Tradition
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Faithful to the Oath Against Modernism

click here for Oath Against Modernism

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Pope Francis: "Hardheaded those who want to 'go back' from Vatican II"
A friend from Italy just sent me this: Pope Francis: "Hardheaded those who want to 'go back' from Vatican II. This is certainly no suprise. Pope Francis further says, "The Council has been a beautiful work of the Holy Spirit." Disorientation! - JV -
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Cardinal Policarop of Lisbon

More on the Consecration of Pope Francis’ Pontificate on May 13

from John Vennari

The following was sent to me by a friend in Coimbra, one of the most well-informed, intelligent and entertaining men I know. He gives some fuller breadth to the nature of what is proposed for May 13. There is also a postsript concerning some recent history of Cardinal Policarpo.
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Saint Teresa of Avila, Doctor of the Church, called Lutheranism "that wretched sect".

Flashback: Celebrating an Apocalyptic Plague
Catholics and Lutherans Prepare to Commemorate 2017

“The whole description of the locusts [in the Apocalypse]”, Father Kramer explains, “fits down to the last detail the kings and princes who established by force the heresy of the 16th Century.” click here

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Pope Francis to Celebrate 2017 Protestant Reformation Anniversary?
Pope Francis welcomed the president of the Evangelical Church in Germany, Nikolaus Schneider, in his first papal audience with a Protestant leader and his wife.  oth spoke about the martyrs as a bond between Christians, as well as the upcoming anniversary of the Reformation in 2017, and the possibility that both Churches will celebrate it together.  click here 

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On Papalotry
by William Marra, Ph.D.
"There is a kind of papalotry going around. It acts as if no matter what comes out of Rome, it must have been inspired by the Holy Ghost" ... click here

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In light of the present Supreme Court Hearings....


 “The Overhauling of Straight America” by Marshal E. Kirk and Hunter Madsen was expanded into the 1989 book, After the Ball, How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90s. It is a blueprint of media and psychology manipulation for widespread public acceptance of homosexuality. One of Kirk and Madsen’s key strategies is to vilify their oppoents: “We intend to make the anti-gays look so nasty that average Americans will want to disassociate themselves from such types.”

Tactics of the Homosexual Movement

1987 “Overhauling of Straight America”
Detailed Strategy for public acceptance of Homosexuals

“At a later stage of the media campaign for gay rights — long after other gay ads have become commonplace — it will be time to get tough with remaining opponents. To be blunt, they must be vilified... Our goal here is twofold. First, we seek to replace the mainstream’s self-righteous pride about its homophobia with shame and guilt. Second, we intend to make the antigays look so nasty that average Americans will want to dissociate themselves from such types." click here

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wedding ring
The False "Marriage Equality" Slogan
for so-called "Same Sex Marriage"

"Homosexuals have always had the exact same rights as heterosexuals, that is, the right to marry a person of the opposite sex. They just do not wish to exercise that right. They want a new 'right,' the right to marry a person of the same sex" - Dr. Dennis Bonnette -
click here for more

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The “Original Sin” of Vatican II
The Council’s Pastoral Language - Lefebvre’s Prophetic Warning
By John Vennari

This past February 14, Pope Benedict XVI gave a kind of impromptu farewell speech to the Roman clergy that centered on the great love of his life: the Second Vatican Council. It was one of the saddest sights a Catholic could witness. Here, he continued to defend Vatican II as a lamb without blemish, and he faulted the media for causing much of the confusion regarding the Council.

Read about the Italian Professor who now admits the problem with Vatican II is not that it is poorly interpreted, but it is essentially flawed... click here

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Cardinal Koch celebrates the teaching of Nostra Aetate as the “crucial compass” that effected “a fundamental re-orientation of the Catholic Church” after the Council.

Judaism and the Church: before and after Vatican II
by John Vennari

posted at - a straightforward assessment of the rupture caused by the Council's
Nostra Aetate and, unfortunately, Pope Benedict's commitment to that rupture.

"...the new approach to be a 'common witness' to God along with Jews implicitly demands we no longer speak of the need for their conversion to Christ’s one true Church for salvation. It effectively tells Jews they have the moral freedom to live their lives as if Jesus Christ were a fraud and imposter..."
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Celebrating a Catastrophe
The 50th Anniversary of Vatican II
By John Vennari

It is time to stop the charade. Traditional Catholics should be long past simply defending their position against the architects of destruction. The situation calls for an all out offensive against the catastrophic Second Vatican Council...

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Report from CFN Conference
A Magnificent Weekend
2013 Catholic Family News Conference - April 5-7-, 2013
Saints, Sinners, Scholars and Scoundrels, Part II
CLICK HERE for conference report and Audio CDs

We are finally posting the report we promised.
CLICK HERE for conference report and Audio CDs

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"Canonizing" the Vatican II Orientation:
Pope Francis "clears the way" for John XXIII
& John Paul II to be "Canonized"
Pope Francis on Friday cleared Pope John Paul II for sainthood, approving a miracle attributed to his intercession and setting up a remarkable dual canonization along with another beloved pope, John XXIII. In a major demonstration of his papal authority, Francis decided to make John XXIII a saint even though the Vatican hasn't confirmed a second miracle attributed to his intercession. The Vatican said Francis had the power to dispense with the normal saint-making procedures to canonize John on his own merits. click here

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11:58 AM ET
CNN exclusive: Catholic monk not beheaded by Syrian rebels, friar says
Was shot by guerrillas - click here

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July 1: The Feast of the Precious Blood
from Dom Prosper Guéranger
"This gives the key of today's solemnity, revealing how its appearance in the heavens of the holy liturgy at this particular season is replete with mystery. The Church, it is true, has already made known to the sons of the new covenant, in a much more solemn matter, the price of the Blood that redeemed them, its nutritive strength, and the adorng homage is its due... "
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Archbishop Lefebvre on Vatican II's
Ecumenism and Religious Liberty

In 1964, Archbishop Lefebvre correctly warned that the Conciliar schemas “have a spirit of rupture and suicide,” and went on to say, “There exists a spirit of non-Catholic or rationalist ecumenism that has become a battering ram for unknown hands to pervert doctrine.”
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Today, March 25, marks the 22nd Anniversary of Archbishop Lefebvre's death.
As a tribute to this greatest churchman of the second half of the 20th Century, I repost a summary of the Archbishop's realistic observations on some of Vatican II's most troublesome points.

As we enter the new Pontificate, it is good for us to restudy the work and life of this great man, who reminds us of the nature of the Catholic Faith and the true battle in which we are engaged. By all indications, the post-Conciliar crisis will continue, and may even worsen, with the recent election of the 265 successor of Saint Peter.

Pope Francis has
already announced his commitment to Vatican II's ecumenism. Miracles can happen, but if Francis stays on his life-long trajectory, the future appears ominous. Oremus.

- John Vennari

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Note to readers: I have returned from Rome and will resume updating the CFN page. While in Rome, there was a techno-quirk that prevented me from uploading to our CFN website. However, I was able to post numerous articles about the Conclave, Papal Election and new Pope at our Oltyn Library Services site. Take a look (click here). These were constantly updated the whole time I was in Italy. Also, for those who may not have seen it, I have placed above my short video of the night of the Papal election. Oremus. There is much to pray for. More later J. Vennari

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New 2013 Conclave Blog From Rome
Due to some techno-quirks  with the CFN webpage while here in Rome, we are transferring our daily blog to the Oltyn Library Service site. Please check here each day for updates from Rome. I will file one or more reports daily This will be the site used for the duration of my stay in Italy. Stay tuned. - John Vennari - click here

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50 Year Anniversary of Vatican II: Nothing to Celebrate
Voice of Catholic Radio Interviews CFN Editor John Vennari
Broadcast December 2, 2012
- click here
(interview runs about 35 minutes)


The Novus Ordo Mass and Divine Law
By John Salza, J.D.

Pope Pius IV’s Tridentine Profession of Faith, which is binding on the souls of all Catholics, requires that Catholic adhere to the “received and approved rites of the Catholic Church used in the solemn administration of the sacraments.” Yet the Novus Ordo is an entirely new creation. Fr. Joseph Gelineau, one of the most influential members of Paul VI's Liturgical Commission, said, “To tell you the truth, it [the Novus Ordo] is a different liturgy of the Mass. This needs to be said without ambiguity: the Roman rite as we knew it no longer exists." click here


Pope's Foot Washing: The Final Straw for Traditionalists
[AP] Francis' decision to disregard church law and wash the feet of two girls - a Serbian Muslim and an Italian Catholic - during a Holy Thursday ritual has become something of the final straw, evidence that Francis has little or no interest in one of the key priorities of Benedict's papacy: reviving [some of] the pre-Vatican II traditions of the Catholic Church. click here

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Here is one of the programs I did with Father Gruner in Rome. It was filmed the day after Pope Francis' Inaugural Mass. - J. Vennari

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Pope washes feet of two girls, two Muslims at youth prison
VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis on Thursday (March 28) washed the feet of 12 young inmates, including two girls and two Muslims, during a Maundy Thursday Mass at a youth detention center in Rome. click here
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I never use the term "Pope Emeritus"
click here

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March for Life, January 25, 2013

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No Rome/SSPX Accord?

...Bishop Fellay went on to speak of the Doctrinal Discussions that took place for more than two years, starting in 2009. “They were tough,” said Bishop Fellay. There was “no agreement”. After the final discussion that dealt with the Magisterium and Tradition, Rome said to the SSPX: “You are Protestants”. The SSPX said to Rome, “You are modernists.”

Editor's note: The above report originally appeared in the October 2012 issue of Catholic Family News. We post it today with some updated comments at the end. click here
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The Day the Host Dropped
On Communion in the Hand
by John Vennari

I was fascinated and edified by the procedure. I remember thinking to myself, “truly, the Sacred Host is the Body of Our Lord Jesus Christ,” because the priest tended to It with awe-inspiring care and reverence. It was the best catechism lesson on the Real Presence I ever had. click here

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First Thoughts: Feb. 11, 2013

In a Media Age, What does an Ex-Pope Do?

We can expect journalists to hound Benedict after he steps down from office. What do you think of your successor’s policies? Is this how you would have arranged things if you were still Pope? What is your opinion on your successor’s Vatican appointments? It will be fascinating to see what sort of access a post-papal Benedict allows the press. And what will be the weight – or the perceived weight – of Ratzinger’s new writings after February 28? click here

• • •

Feb. 11: Breaking News

Pope Benedict to Resign on February 28
Surprise Announcement from Rome

"...I declare that I renounce the ministry of Bishop of Rome, Successor of Saint Peter, entrusted to me by the Cardinals on 19 April 2005, in such a way, that as from 28 February 2013, at 20:00 hours, the See of Rome, the See of Saint Peter, will be vacant and a Conclave to elect the new Supreme Pontiff will have to be convoked by those whose competence it is." click here

* * *

Attention Facebook users:
I have started a group titled:
A Call for Caution against the beatification of Paul VI
The group is meant to be a resistance to the beatification,
as well as educational concerning the Catholic Faith.
Please feel free to join and follow the posts;
and posters, may respectfully I ask you to please stay on topic.
- John Vennari

• • •

Paul VI to be Canonized?
The Triumph of Wayward Sentiment

By John Vennari

The Conciliar revolution thus must be imposed by intimidation; not an intimidation at gunpoint, but an intimidation that overwhelms Catholics by proclaiming the alleged saintliness of its most determined innovators... click here

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November 29 is the birthday of Archbishop Lefebvre

November 29, 1905 - March 25, 1991

“I Have Handed on What I Have Received”

“They literally took me by the scruff of the neck and said: ‘Something must be done for these seminarians!’ It was useless my saying that I was sixty-five and retired, or that it was foolish to begin something that I could not continue if I should die within the next few years ... they wouldn’t have it.”

The year was 1969. Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre was sixty-five and retired. He had survived the tumultuous battles of the Second Vatican Council. He had just resigned as Superior General of Holy Ghost Fathers. He had spent himself for over 40 years in the Lord’s vineyard. He assumed his work was over. Providence had other plans. click here

• • • •

Cardinal Koch: Ecumenism at the Heart of New Evangelisation
2012-12-10 Vatican Radio
This is a clear example of the new and false definition of Christian unity. No longer does it mean non-Catholics converting to the one true Church, but rather a vauge "visible unity of the Churches," a notion contrary to reason and to the perennial magisterium of the Church... click here
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Dinesh D'Souza - No Obamacare!

5 minute video

Seven Top Reasons to Attend our
Catholic Family News Conference
April 5-7, 2013

-- full schedule now listed --

Here are the seven top reasons you should attend the Catholic Family News Conference in Cleveland, Ohio... click here for conference and hotel details

Ten Speakers: Father Cyprian, OSB; Father Nicholas Gruner; Louis Verrecchio; Dr. Peter Chojnowski; Dr. Andrew Childs; John Vennari; Cornelia Ferreira; Dr. Brian McCall; Susan Vennari; Christopher Ferrara

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On my way to Rome - a Note from John Vennari
"Time will tell if the Cardinals elect a Pius XIII, a John Paul III, or someone in between. " click here

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Fatima Today 2013: Conclave Edition Part I

Father Gruner interviews CFN editor John Vennari
• • •

Conclave May Start on March 11
From Rome's
La Stampa

• • •

More Saints, Sinners, Scholars and Scoundrels
CFN Conference: April 5-7, 2013, in Cleveland

We are pleased to announced our “Saints, Sinners, Scholars and Scoundrels, Part II” conference that will take place on the weekend of April 5-7, 2013, the first weekend after Easter. The conference will be held in Cleveland, Ohio.

Speakers: Father Cyprian, OSB, Father Nicholas Gruner, Dr. Andrew Childs, Dr. Peter Chojnowski, Dr. Brian McCall, John Vennari, Christopher Ferrara, Cornelia Ferreira, Susan Vennari, Louie Verrecchio -
click here


stuck in the past

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Vatican workers seal the doors leading to the pope's private apartment in the Apostolic Palace at the Vatican Feb. 28. Pope Benedict XVI ended his reign pledging unconditional obedience to whoever is elected to succeed him. (CNS/L'Osservatore Romano via Reuters)

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Please don’t say “We’re all sedevacantists now”

It is usually said in light-hearted jest: “We’re all sedevacantists now"... click here

• • •

Three Troubling Aspects of Benedict’s Resignation

By John Vennari

As one Eastern Rite priest explained: "A father of a family does not retire". click here

• • •

Pope changes conclave rules; Conclave may start sooner

The rule change allows the conclave to take place sooner than the mandatory 15 days from a papacy's end, and so before mid-March... click here

• • •

Cardinal Zen: Vatican appeases Chinese government
Compromise has led to communists making 'slaves of the bishops'

At 81 years old, the bishop who once led hundreds of thousands through the streets of Hong Kong — defying Beijing, demanding democracy and an accountable government — is not holding his tongue. - click here

• • •

The Function of Civil Authority
By Raphael Waters, D.Ph., L.Ph., Ph.C..
(Professor of Thomistic Philosophy)

Governments around the world are venturing into state absolutism, socialism, statism, totalitarianism, Communism, Fascism or whatever you like to call it. They apparently do not know that, in trying to take over several social functions and ownership or partial ownership of productive enterprises, they are offending the following arguments which determine the function of the state..
click here

• • • •

President Barack Obama’s Pro-Abortion Record:
A Pro-Life Compilation

The following is a compilation of bill signings, speeches, appointments and other actions that President Barack Obama has engaged in that have promoted abortion before and during his presidency.
click here

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“If you can outwait all, you can rule all”
A Lesson in Dealing with Rome
"Romanita rests upon one basic principle: Cunctando regitur mundus. If you can outwait all, you can rule all..." click here

• • • •

Brilliant short excerpt from
Yes, Prime Minister
about opinion polls
Clever and funny - about 2.5 minutes

• • • •

The Second Vatican Council and the
Rejection of the Social Reign of Our Lord

By Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre
Finally, a third error, they [modern Catholic Churchmen] reject the social reign of our Lord Jesus Christ under the pretext that it is no longer feasible. I have heard this from the mouth of the Nuncio of Berne; I have heard it from the mouth of the Vatican ambassador Fr. Dhanis, former Rector of the Gregorian University, who came in the name of the Holy See to ask me not to perform the ordinations of 29 June. It was 27 June at Flavigny, and I was preaching the retreat to the seminarians. He said to me, "Why are you against the Council?" I answered, "Is it possible to accept the Council, while in the name of the Council you say that all the Catholic States must be destroyed, that there must be no Catholic States left, and thus no more States where our Lord Jesus Christ reigns? click here

• • • •

Blessed Abbot Marmion on
The Gifts of the Three Kings

The attitude of adoration in the Magi translates in eloquent language the depth of their faith; the presents that they offer are likewise full of signification. The Fathers of the Church have laid stress on the symbolism of the gifts brought to Christ by the Magi. In ending this conference, let us stay to consider the depth of this symbolism: it will be a joy for our souls and food for our devotion.
click here

• • •

The Cardinal Siri Thesis
While this indicates that “serious things have taken place” at recent conclaves, it also reveals that Cardinal Siri was certainly not the Vicar of Christ. As one astute priest observed, only the Sovereign Pontiff is not bound by conclave secrets, so the fact that Siri said, “I am bound by the Secret” demonstrates he was not Pope.

• • •

December 26
Happy Saint Stephen's Day

"Good King Wenceslas" by the Irish Rovers
A terrific, upbeat arrangement!

• • •

Christmas Midnight Mass
Merry Christmas to all
December 25, 2012

• • •

Blessed Abbot Columba Marmion
on Christmas

The Third Joyful Mystery)

In the heart of Mary are joined in perfect harmony a creature's adoration
of her God and a Mother's love for her only Son.
click here

• • • •


The Abortion Party Wins Again
Barack Obama re-elected • four more years!
Kyrie eleison

• • • •

Father Nicholas Gruner and Christopher Ferrara
Interview at European Union Parliament
Concerning Consecration of Russia

On October 23, 2012 Father Nicholas Gruner of the Fatima Center in Canada and Catholic attorney and author Christopher A. Ferrara of the United States appeared at the headquarters of the EU in Strasbourg, France to speak in support of a motion for a declaration by the EU Parliament calling upon Pope Benedict XVI to carry out the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of here

Saturday Vespers at Traditional Dominican Monastery at Avrille
Not all Friars were present as they were out on various duties. Video taken John Vennari on location on October 13, 2012 -- the 95th Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima.

• • • •


Ordinations of Dominicans and Capuchins
at Benedictine Monastery at Bellaigues

A photo report from John Vennari

I traveled to France to attend the ordinations of the Dominicans from Avrille and the Capuchins from Morgan. The ordinations were held at the traditoinal Benedictine monastery at Bellaigues and performed by Bishop Alphonsus de Galarreta, SSPX.
click here for photo report..

• • •


Archbishop Müller at ecumenical service giving a joint "blessing" with a counterfeit bishop who represents a counterfeit "church".

Prefect of CDF: No more talks with SSPX
True to form, ecumenical Müller continues to defend Vatican II - click here

• • • •

Update: Catholic Identity Conference
a Great Success

Audio CDs available: click here
CD offer contains description of each talk...

"We can claim with gratitude that no other Pope in history has visited as
many synagogues as Benedict XVI."
- Cardinal Kurt Koch

Nothing Traditional About It
Pope Benedict’s Approach to Modern Judaism
By John Vennari

Pope Benedict XVI, whom some people regard as traditional, is actually a man dedicated to the new orientation of Vatican II. This is especially apparent in Pope Benedict’s dealing with modern Judaism, which is based on the Council’s teaching on the Jews found in the document Nostra Aetate. This new orientation has almost nothing in common with the 2000-year Tradition of the Church.

... The ADL press-release quoted Rabbi Eric J. Greenberg, ADL Interfaith Director, saying that the ADL “respectfully urges that any potential rehabilitation of the SSPX include the requirement that the Society public reject their decades of hatred[sic], and that as an expression of their affirmation of Nostra Aetate, be required to remove all anti-Semitic rhetoric from both their online and their print publications.” We cannot too quickly wilt before the charge of “anti-semitism” or “anti-Judaism” until we know exactly how these pot-boiler terms are defined. Keep in mind this same ADL, in line with Jewish historian Jules Isaac, consider Saint Thomas Aquinas, Saint John Chrysostom, the Saints, Popes and Fathers of the Church, and the Holy Gospel writers themselves as “anti-Semitic”.
click here


SSPX's Bishop Tissier de Malleraise confirms:
With the Pope's own signature: Vatican II and the post-conciliar Magisterium must be accepted in full
"Evidently, we could not sign it. Because we are required to sign it, the agreements do not move forward..." - click here

• • •
The Continuing Embarrassment
of Cardinal Dolan

by Christopher A. Ferrara

Then there was the Cardinal's humiliating appearance at Fordham University on September 14 along with that famous Church-basher Stephen Colbert, who professes to be a Catholic while he relentlessly promotes the Obama agenda. The next day Laurie Goodstein of the New York Times was plainly delighted to report that when "Mr. Colbert went to shake Cardinal Dolan's hand... the cardinal took Mr. Colbert's hand and kissed it..." click here
• • •

A Key to Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict's pan-religious Meeting at Assisi: October, 2011

The Oath Against Modernism
vs. the "Hermeneutic of Continuity”

by John Vennari
The term “Hermeneutic of Continuity” came into vogue with the ascension of Pope Benedict XVI. But the "hermeneutic of continuity" does not signal a return to Tradition. Rather, it is another attempt, first and foremost, to save Vatican II.

Note: This article is now reposted as was recently off-line due to a technical glith.

• • •

The Müller Disaster
by Christopher Ferrara
So, now we have as head of the Catholic Church's highest doctrinal authority, next to the Pope, a prelate who suggests that the wholly orthodox Catholics who belong to the Society of Saint Pius X are not really Catholics, while he happily appears alongside a phony Lutheran bishop to administer a blessing together with this false shepherd — a gesture he would never consider making alongside one of the true bishops of the SSPX, whom he treats like pariahs... click here

• • •

Pope Benedict’s “long-term aim is not simply to allow the old and new rites to coexist,
but to move toward a ‘common rite’ that is shaped by the mutual enrichment
of the two Mass forms...” – Cardinal Koch

Revised Traditional Missal Planned
for Next Summer in Rome?

The Principle of Gradualism • Toward A Hybrid Mass

Pope Benedict’s “Reform of the Reform” in liturgy goes hand-in-glove with his “Reform in Continuity” that
seeks a balance between tradition and some of the most revolutionary aspects of Vatican II.

Posted Sept 5: New expanded article - click here
Read the Protestant who is thrilled with Vatican II's Schema on the Liturgy...

• • •

Statue marks Our Lady’s appearance in Valinhos

August 19, 1917
Our Lady of Fatima’s Visitation at Valinhos

Years later, Lucia’s mother, speaking in the third person, said the following at a 1923 canonical inquiry: “The mother took the branch and noticed that it smelled very nice. The smell could not be compared with any other smell. She was an unbeliever [in Fatima] but was slightly shaken and became slightly more convinced." click here

• • •

Magnificent Si Si No No Series on
"The Errors of Vatican II"

The welcoming of Protestant Observers at Vatican II
Seven part series: click here for links
• Vatican II's Ambiguous Juridical Nature
• Mutilated concept of the Magisterium
•The contamination of Catholic doctrine with intrinsically anti-Catholic "modern thinking."
• Relevant Omissions
- at least 8 points the Council should have addressed but failed to... These are highlights only from Part I. See list for entire Seven part series.

It is important for us to re-study this series, especially when we are confronted with Archbishop Müller and Archbishop DiNoia who try to tell us there are no errors in Vatican II, but only bad interpretation.
 Time to re-study at a time when ecumenical post-Conciliar Vatican prelates try to convince of a position that is not true!

• • •

Saint Philomena, Wonderworker
Feast Day: August 11

Click here for more on Saint Philomena

• • • •

Pan-Religious "Summit of Mount Hiei" gathering in 2011
Pope Sends Greetings to "Summit of Mount Hiei"
Pan-Religious Event
August 3: Continues to Praise "Spirit of Assisi"
click here for report and commentary

• • •


A Si Si No No Classic
Memoirs of a Destructive Mind:
Cardinal Ratzinger's
Part IPart II

• • • •

Brief Commentary on the
SSPX General Chapter Statement

From J Vennari: As a number of people have asked for an opinion about today's
SSPX General Chapter Statement, I'll give my initial thoughts...
click here

• • • •

Society of St. Pius X General Chapter Statement
"The Society continues to uphold the declarations and the teachings of the constant Magisterium of the Church in regard to all the novelties of the Second Vatican Council which remain tainted with errors, and also in regard to the reforms issued from it. We find our sure guide in this uninterrupted Magisterium which, by its teaching authority, transmits the revealed Deposit of Faith in perfect harmony with the truths that the entire Church has professed, always and everywhere.

"The Society finds its guide as well in the constant Tradition of the Church, which transmits and will transmit until the end of times the teachings required to preserve the Faith and the salvation of souls, while waiting for the day when an open and serious debate will be possible which may allow the return to Tradition of the ecclesiastical authorities...
click here

• • • •

Archbishop Lefebvre on Vatican II's
Ecumenism and Religious Liberty

In 1964, Archbishop Lefebvre correctly warned that the Conciliar schemas “have a spirit of rupture and suicide,” and went on to say, “There exists a spirit of non-Catholic or rationalist ecumenism that has become a battering ram for unknown hands to pervert doctrine.”
A quick snapshot -
click here

• • • •


New Vatican doctrine chief stresses
need for SSPX to accept Vatican II

Above: Müller giving "joint blessing" with Protestant clergyperson. Ecumenical to the gills. As one diocesan priest said to me, "Müller should be investigated by the CDF, not placed in charge of it." - JV - click here

• • • •

Archbishop Di Noia Admits:
The Goal is to Convert SSPX
to Conciliar Thinking

“This is a new concept which we know the Traditionalists will not be able to accept immediately.
Convincing them will take time, and in this respect we will have to be patient.
– Archbishop Joseph Augustine Di Noia, newly-appointed Vice-Prefect of the Vatican’s Ecclesia Dei
click here

Is the Vatican using
Jiu-Jitsu on the SSPX?

“ I myself saw, in the years after 1988, how the return of communities which had been separated from Rome
changed their interior attitudes; I saw how returning to the bigger and broader Church enabled them to move beyond one-sided positions and broke down rigidity so that positive energies could emerge for the whole.” – Pope Benedict XVI, 2009

Cardinal Ratzinger's life-long Progressivism • Assisi • Three visits to the Synagogue • Pope Benedict rejoices that once Traditionalist groups are "regularized," they soften their stand • SSPX will need local bishop's permission for new foundations? • more... click here

• • •

Ecumenical Muller appointed Head of the
Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

For photo gallery of Muller at ecumenical "Vespers" with Lutherans and others,
click here.

• • •


SSPX Bishop de Galaretta
Warns against New Head of CDF

New Head of CDF: Reportedly Denies Perpetual Virginity, Fan of Liberation Theology click here

• • •

Statement from Father Karl Stehlin, SSPX
District Superior of Eastern Europe

" I informed the faithful about the General Chapter..."

• • • •

Fr. Gaudron responds to Msgr. Bux on Abp. Müller
"The whole process appears to me to be symptomatic of our relationship to the Vatican. We submit
a problem and one answers us with pretexts or with appeals to obedience."

• • • •


July 13,1917: The Vision of Hell
"You have seen hell where the souls of poor sinners go..."
- Our Lady of Fatima

• • •

"Voice of Catholic Radio" Interview with John Vennari
on Archbishop Müller, newly appointed head of Vatican CDF

Müller is a proponent of the modernist "Living Tradition"
• Learn the two principles of modernism that Müller follows:
1) adapting non-Catholic elements into the Faith
2) Moving from doctrinal clarity to ambiguity
 • Discusses Müller's questionable teaching on ecumenism,
on the Perpetual Virginity of Our Lady, etc.
 • What impact will this have on Rome/SSPX discussion?
• Quotes Bishop Tissier de Mallarais' brilliant unmasking of the
modernist "Living Tradition" to which the highest authorities
in today's Vatican adhere....
30 minute interview • click here to listen or download

• • •


Obamacare: Largest Tax
Increase in History

• • •

Two Short Videos

Who is Benedict XVI?
Extract from a Commentary given on May 1, 2005

"I believe he [Benedict XVI] has the potential to split the traditionalist camp right in half, and to split traditionalist groups right in half..."
- J. Vennari, 12 days after the election of Benedict XVI

From Audio CD: "A Look at Benedict XVI" click here for more information

Benedict's Assisi 2011

Sadly, Pope Benedict's Vatican II progressivism appears virtually unchanged up to the present...
both videos also posted here

• • • •


Bishop Tissier de Mallerais:
"The irregularity is that of Rome, a Modernist Rome."

Rivarol Inteview with SSPX Bishop Tissier de Mallerais

"According to the project of prelature, we would not be free to create new priories without the permission of the local bishops and, additionally, all our recent foundations would have to be confirmed by these same bishops. It would thus mean subjugating us quite unnecessarily to an overall Modernist episcopate."
- Bishop Tissier de Malleraise
for full interview, click here

• • •
The Euro-Titanic has Hit the Iceberg - Nigel Farage, MEP

June 13, 2012: Magnificent intelligent oratory, and he never has a teleprompter...

• • • •

During Vatican II, Father Yves Congar, acting as official Vatican envoy, met with Jews in France to ask them what they wanted. The Jews answered they wanted to be considered as “brothers, partners equal in dignity”. Lazare Landau writes, “the Council granted our wishes”. Since then, two new concepts have emerged in the Church’s relations with Jews; the notion of “praying to the same Lord”, and that of a “common mission” to bring God to the world (that requires no need for Jews to convert to Christ's Church for salvation), which are the principles followed to this day by Pope Benedict XVI

The Vatican-Synagogue Agreement
Vatican II & Rome’s Secret Accord with Jewish Leaders

 by John Vennari
During the early days of the Second Vatican Council, a secret meeting took place between
the Holy See and a group of Jews...
click here

• • • •


NDAA unconstitutional: Federal judge bans
Obama from indefinitely detaining Americans

"In the face of what could be indeterminate military detention, due process requires more,” said the judge.

• • •

New Interview with Bishop Bernard Fellay
on the Rome/SSPX Relations

Posted: June 7, 2012 - from DICI

• • •

Questions and Answers on Salvation
by Father Michael Muller, C.SS.R.
Outside the Church there is no salvation
Father Michael Muller was one of the most widely read theologians of the 19th Century. He ranks as one of the greatest defenders of the dogma “Outside the Church there is no salvation” in modern times. ... This article, first published in 1875, is one of the finest treatments of the doctrinal truth that Our Lord founded one true Catholic Church, outside of which there is no salvation. Father Muller’s firm writings are desperately needed in our time when this doctrine is denied by those who are the most influential members of our Holy Church. We publish Father Muller’s excellent little Catechism as an antidote to the prevalent religious indifferentism — an indifferentism that is the direct result of what Blessed Pius IX denounced as “Liberal Catholicism”. click here
• • •

In light of SSPX/Rome discussions...

Archbishop Levada being incensed by an altar girl

Ecumenical Archbishop Levada:
Head of Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

by John Vennari

Updated intro from JV - 6/1/12: In light of the SSPX discussions with Rome, we are re-posting the following piece about Cardinal Levada, one of today’s most liberal and ecumenical prelates who was hand picked by Pope Benedict XVI to be head of the Vatican’s Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith – the Vatican Discastery whose purpose is supposed to be ensuring the integrity of the Faith.

Cardinal Levada was the head of Rome’s side of the “doctrinal discussions” that took place with the Society of St. Pius X. It is unnerving to think that this man will have some sort of final say over the fate of the SSPX...

Cardinal Levada: Rabid Ecumenist - First US Bishop to visit a Synagogue - Pioneer of "Spirit of Assisi" events in the US - Permitted Schismatic priests of Chinese Patriotic Church to celebrate Mass in His diocese - Claims Transubstantiation is a "long and difficult term we don't use any more"; Shaky Moral Teaching - More...
click here

• • •

The SSPX is aware of its duty to keep alive in its schools and in its seminaries
the anti-liberal zest and theological precision of Father Henri Le Floch and Archbishop Lefebvre;
both of whom were outstanding expositors of traditional papal teaching.

Rome-SSPX: The Drama Continues

We here present the latest reports about the Society of St. Pius X and Rome. In the midst of all talk of “regularization” and the SSPX being brought “back into the fold”, it must be first mentioned that the SSPX is not and never was outside the Church in the first place... click here
(includes latest sermons on the topic from Bishop Fellay)

• • •


Huge Pro Life March in Rome, May 13, 2012
On Sunday May 13 there was an impressive pro-life March from the Coliseum to the Vatican.
click here for photos

• • • • •

fellay-tissier-winonadomincan nuns
benedictineswinona ordinations
Society of St. Pius X “Regularization”
Not as Easy as You Think
Here are just some of the 1,001 questions that need to be answered
before a canonical agreement is reached...
click here
• • • •

"Trial by Jury" at BVM Academy

June 10, 2012: I was invited to give a graduation speech for Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God Academy, the SSPX school in Syracuse, New York.

The day started with High Mass, followed by the graduation program, followed by a picnic, and concluding with a magnificent production of Gilbert and Sullivan's "Trial by Jury". A strong cast with terrific performances. Congratulations to the school and the staff. - J. Vennari

Click here for collection of photos
Click here for 4 video snippet
• • • • •

Catholic Family News Conference:
"Saints, Sinners, Scholars and Scoundrels"
A Great Success!
click here for photo report


Audio CDs now available - click here

• • • • •

Rabbis Recognize Vatican II Rupture
By John Vennari
When Pope Benedict XVI “lifted” the alleged excommunications of the four bishops of the Society of St. Pius X in 2009, a daily secular newspaper in New York State interviewed me on the topic.

The reporter said a local rabbi told him the following: “We rabbis are concerned about a possible ‘regularization’ of the Society of St. Pius X. We fear this may bring about the Vatican’s return to the pre-Vatican II teaching that the Old Covenant is superseded by the New Covenant.”
click here

• • • • •

holy massCFN Conferenceandrew childsviola
Seven Top Reasons to Attend our
Catholic Family News Conference
April 27-29, 2012

Don't miss our Conference in Cleveland: "Saints, Sinners, Scholars and Scoundrels"
Here are the seven top reasons you should attend the
Catholic Family News Conference in Cleveland... click here

• • • • •

Click here for updates on Rome/SSPX

• • • • •

colleen hammond

Up Close: The SSPX and Rome
Two hour discussion - now archived on line

Host: Colleen Hammond
The SSPX sent their letter of clarification to Rome last week. What will happen? Join us as we discuss what has taken place, what effect it can have on the Church, and what we can expect. Call in with your thoughtful questions! Our guests include Louie Verrecchio, John Vennari, Dr John R.T. Lamont, and Stephen Dupuy. April 16 webcast. Listen to on line or download: click here

• • • • •


A Key to Pope Benedict XVI:
The Oath Against Modernism vs. the
"Hermeneutic of Continuity"

by John Vennari

Pope Benedict does not employ traditional terminology for the preservation of Tradition, but has effectively invented a new term: “hermeneutic of continuity”. He never says the answer to today’s ecclesiastical chaos is to return to the formula contained in the Oath Against Modernism, that the Catholic is bound to “... sincerely hold that the doctrine of Faith was handed down to us from the apostles through the orthodox Fathers in exactly the same meaning and always in the same explanation.", which is the terminology used by the Church for 1500 years, and which necessarily negates the novelties of Vatican II. Rather, the "hermeneutic of continuity" approach is yet another attempted synthesis between Tradition and the novelties of the Second Vatican Council click here

• • • • •

New York Cardinal Dolan says Churchmen
failed to teach against contraception

“We forfeited the chance to be a coherent moral voice when it comes
to one of the more burning issues of the day,” says Dolan.

• • • • •

Do The Bishops Know With Whom They are Dealing?

What Obama Learned from Alinsky

“Crush the Opposition”

Catholic author Russell Shaw warned in November that the persecution of religion in the United States “will be a tight-lipped campaign of secularist inspiration in which the coercive power of the state is brought to bear on church-related institutions to act against conscience or go out of business.” Shaw’s prediction quickly came to pass with the Contraception Mandate now threatened by the Obama Administration. Click here

Communiqué from the General House
of the Society of Saint Pius X

March 29, 2012
May the faithful be so kind as to offer one Holy Communion for this intention...  click here

• • • • •

Update on Rome and the Society of St. Pius X

The April 15 Deadline
By John Vennari

On March 16, a Vatican Communiqué related that Bishop Fellay’s January 2012 response holds a position “not sufficient to overcome the doctrinal problems which lie at the foundations of the rift between the Holy See and the Society of Saint Pius X” ... In 2009, SSPX Bishop de Galarreta said regarding the doctrinal discussions. “We do clearly know what we are not disposed to accept. If we do not know perfectly how things may evolve, on the other hand, we do know clearly what we have no intention of doing under any circumstances: firstly, to yield on matters of doctrine, and secondly, to make a purely practical agreement." click here

• • • • •

Archbishop Lefebvre and Vatican II


A Bishop Speaks at the Council
The Defense of Tradition
by John Vennari

"...Archbishop Lefebvre made, I believe, his most important intervention at Vatican II even before the Council opened (and it was reiterated in November 1962, after the close of the First Session). This intervention was fiercely rejected by the innovators, for obvious reasons. Had the intervention been successful, it would have gone a long way in saving the entire Council from being the catastrophe that it was..." click here

• • • • •


CFN Conference Schedule Now Posted
Theme: Saints, Sinners, Scholars and Scoundrels
Weekend of April 27-29, 2012 • Cleveland, Ohio
Speakers include Father Albert, OP • Father Nicholas Gruner
Andrew Childs, Ph.D. • Peter Chojnowski, Ph.D.
Cornelia Ferreira • Brian McCall, J.D.
Colleen Hammond • Michael Matt
Tom Gabriele • John Vennari

• • • • •

Disorientation: DC Priest who
denied Lesbian Communion is Suspended ...

"Sadly, after Mass this evening, I received word that Fr. Guarnizo's assignment at St. John Neuman Parish
has been withdrawn and he has been placed on administrative leave with his priestly faculties removed..." 

see related story:
Lesbian denied Communion at her mother’s funeral is also a Buddhist

• • • • •

thomas aquinas
March 7: The Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas,
One of the greatest minds the world has ever produced

Modern man, and even too many modern churchmen, ignore him at their peril.

“The Study of philosophy is not that we may know what men
have thought, but what the truth of things is. ” – Aquinas

“Most men seem to live according to sense rather than reason.” – Aquinas

“Rarely affirm, seldom deny, always distinguish.” - Aquinas

“I would rather feel compassion than know the meaning of it. I would hope to act
with compassion without thinking of personal gain.” - Aquinas

see Aquinas School of Philosophy

• • • • •

La Salette Academy
Visit to La Salette Academy
Feb. 27-29, 2012

I had the privilege this week of visiting the SSPX's
La Salette Academy for boys for the first time.
- John Vennari
click here for photo page

• • • • •

The 13 Catholic Senators who voted against
allowing Catholic organizations conscience rights

The following is a list of how the 24 Catholic Senators voted on the Blunt amendment: click here

• • • • •


Senate Defeats Blunt Amendment
to Stop Obama HHS Mandate

March 1: The Senate voted today against an amendment to restore the religious liberty protections for employers who don’t want to be forced to pay for birth control or drugs that may cause abortions in their employee health plans. Leading pro-life organizations called on the Senate to vote for the amendment to the mandate the Obama administration issued, but Democrats banded together against republicans to defeat it on a 51 to 48 margin by adopting a motion to table, or kill, it... click here

• • • • •
Video: Planned Parenthood Does Not Provide Mammograms
Video was shot at Planned Parenthood Teen Lobby Day May 3rd 2011
(Video only about 2.5 minutes. Worth watching, especially the ending...)

• • •


Extract from the Sermon of Bishop Fellay
on February 2, 2012

"... they have another meaning with the word 'tradition,' and even maybe even with 'coherence.' And that’s why we were obliged to say no."

Catholic Family News Conference 2012
Saints, Sinners, Scholars and Scoundrels

Last weekend of April in Cleveland

Speakers include Father Albert, OP • Father Nicholas Gruner
Andrew Childs, Ph.D. • Peter Chojnowski, Ph.D.
Cornelia Ferreira • Brian McCall, J.D.
Colleen Hammond • Michael Matt
Tom Gabriele • John Vennari

Ten speakers will pick a person (or persons) from history, whether he or she be a saint or a scoundrel, present his or her life story, and explain how this person is of interest to Catholics today. We have amassed an impressive lineup... click here

The New English Liturgy
A Cleaner Translation of a Protestantized Rite

By John Vennari
The First Sunday at Advent saw the mandatory introduction of the new English translation of the Novus Ordo into the nation’s parishes. I visited a local parish church this morning for the purpose of observation. I wanted to see and hear the new translation, and take note of parishioners’ reactions.
click here

Fatima Now Big News in Rome

The Tiburtina Station is the major transportation hub in Rome, hosting high speed rail service to Milan and Naples, traditional train service to all other destinations in the city and the nation, a major international bus terminal and a Metro subway line. An estimated 300,000 people pass through the terminal each day.


The NDAA's Historic Assault on American Liberty

By signing into law the NDAA, the president has awarded the military extraordinary powers to detain US citizens without trial.

CFN Report from Assisi III

CFN Editor John Vennari's report from the pan-religoius event at Assisi, Oct. 27, 2011

Society of St. Pius X “Regularization”
Not as Easy as You Think

The September 14 letter from the Vatican to the Society of St. Pius X has launched a wave of premature celebration ... Here are just some of the 1,001 questions that need to be answered before any canonical agreement is reached...

Communist Party USA Endorses Obama Again

The June 29. 2011 edition of People’s World, the official organ of Communist Party USA, has formally endorsed Barack Obama for the President once again. The Commuist Party had previously endorsed Obama in 2008. See the latest endorsement by Sam Webb, who is the national chairperson of the Communist Party, USA.

Amtrak to Albany for “Marriage” Vote

My train lurched out of Buffalo at 4:30 am. It was Monday, June 20, and I was beginning my six-hour trip to Albany to show support for traditional marriage. I wanted to be there for what was supposed to be the final NY Senate vote on “marriage” for homosexuals. By the end of my brief day at the State Capitol, I spoke with religious leaders who oppose the bill, and with former NFL football star David Tyree who publicly denounces same-sex “marriage”. I also saw supporters for the other side... click here

We have been manipulated and corrupted
Tactics of the Homosexual Movement
1987 “Overhauling of Straight America”
Detailed Strategy for public acceptance of Homosexuals

A six-point strategy laid out in 1987 by homosexual activists.
“….by conversion [toward public acceptance of homosexuality] we mean something far more profoundly threatening to the American Way of Life, without which no truly sweeping social change can occur. We mean conversion of the average American’s emotions, mind, and will, through a planned psychological attack, in the form of propaganda fed to the nation via the media.”
- Kirk & Madsen, After the Ball, page. 153.


2011 CFN Conference CDs and DVDs available for online order
2011 Conference Theme: "The Kingdom of God vs. the Kingdom of Satan"
Helen Westover • John Vennari • Andrew Childs, Ph.D. • Father Kevin Robinson, SSPX • Colleen Hammond
Father Nicholas Gruner • Peter Chojnowski, Ph.D.• Randy Engel • Cornelia Ferreira • Tom Gabrielle
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