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Francis Attacks the Cloistered Convents
by Christopher A. Ferrara
In a devastating blow to the autonomy of the cloisters, to which VDG pays cynical lip service, the document mandates that they immediately join “federations” to be governed by Presidents and Councils... click here.

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Catholic Identity Conference
Weekend of September 9-11, 2016
Viva Cristo Rey!
The Rise of the Catholic Counterrevolution

Father John Brucciani, SSPX, Christopher Ferrara, Lawrence Meo,
Michael Matt, Stephen Skojec, Father Gregory Pendergraft, FSSP,
Dr. John Rao, John Vennari

You can register on line!

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De Mattei - Nice: The war of religion continues
by Professor Roberto de Mattei
Abu al Adnani, spokesman for ISIS, in an audio diffused at the end of May on Twitter, urged killing in the name of Allah with these words “smash their heads with stones, butcher them with knives, run them over with cars, throw them from high places, suffocate or poison them.” The Koran does not say any differently with regard to the infidels. By continuing to ignore this, it is indeed, a sign of blind madness. - click here

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The Modernist Ruse Behind the Bergoglian Pontificate
by Christopher A. Ferrara
The very essence of Modernism is to deny what the Modernist appears to be affirming.  Doubletalk is the language of Modernist theology. A classic example of this Modernist deception is a recent article by Thomas Rausch, SJ which appeared in Civiltà Cattolica, the supposedly authoritative pontifical Jesuit magazine whose contents are vetted by the Vatican. The title alone alerts the attentive reader that another Modernist con job is in the offing: “Doctrine at the service of the pastoral mission of the Church.” click here

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Video: Ecclesiastical Vandalism:
The Cupich Appointment - J Vennari

Special edition - covers:
Francis Vows More Revolution • Contrast: Traditional Popes’ War Against Error and Novelty • The Disastrous Jadot Years • Cupich’s Leftist Legacy • “We want no cultural warriors” -
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Socci: It appears the Bergoglian Inquisition is winning (at the moment)
by Antonio Socci
I don’t know if you have noticed, but there is no longer one single counter-current voice in the [Italian]mass-media which reports truthfully what is happening under the Bergoglian regime in the Church. We are under an oppressive Argentine dictatorship. 
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Pope Taps Pro-Homosexual Cupich
for Key Bishop-Making Panel

Leftist Cupich is notoriously pro-homosexual. He is now positioned by Francis to recommend men of his ilk to become bishops in the United States. The Francis disaster continues full throttle and will further poison the Church in America and worldwide. click here

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Pope vows he won’t be slowed down by ‘ultra-conservatives’
Francis pledges to continue his destructive revolution -
click here

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In memoirs, ex Pope Benedict says
Vatican 'gay lobby' tried to wield power: report

By Philip Pullella
VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Former Pope Benedict says in his memoirs that no-one pressured him to resign but alleges that a "gay lobby" in the Vatican had tried to influence decisions, a leading Italian newspaper reported on Friday...
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28 years ago today!
June 30 1988 - Archbishop Lefebvre
Sermon at Episcopal Consecrations

That is why, taking into account the strong will of the present Roman authorities to reduce Tradition to naught, to gather the world to the spirit of Vatican II and the spirit of Assisi, we have preferred to withdraw ourselves and to say that we could not continue. It was not possible. We would have evidently been under the authority of Cardinal Ratzinger, President of the Roman Commission, which would have directed us; we were putting ourselves into his hands, and consequently putting ourselves into the hands of those who wish to draw us into the spirit of the Council and the spirit of Assisi. This was simply not possible..." - Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre - click here

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Communique from the SSPX Superior General
At the conclusion of the meeting of the major superiors of the Society of Saint Pius X that was held in Switzerland, from June 25 to 28, 2016, the Superior General addressed the following communiqué ... click here

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The Last Straw: Pope says Christians should
apologize for helping to marginalize gays

Another onboard interview. Catholics and other Christians not only must apologize to the gay community, they must ask forgiveness of God for ways they have discriminated against homosexual persons or fostered hostility toward them, Pope Francis said. - click here

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Setback for New World Order:
Britain votes to Leave EU - Cameron Resigns

In what has been called a setback for the New World Order, citizens of Britain voted on June 23 to leave the European Union. See report -
click here

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Pope Bergoglio: “Jesus plays the fool a bit”
This and other inconceivable, extremely grave
“expressions” pronounced last Thursday...

by Antonio Socci
He strung together a series of inconceivable other “pearls” reaching the limits of blasphemy: Jesus in the episode with the adulteress “plays the fool a bit ” (a shocking phrase which the Vatican site changed to “pretended not to understand” , but we have the recording...) and then Jesus, in the same episode when the woman was saved from being stoned – “was scant on morality” (ha mancato verso la morale) (this also textual). Then Jesus was not “a clean one” (“un pulito” ) he actually used this expression, who knows what he was suggesting (better not even ask )....
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William Jasper on June 2016 Bilderberg Meeting
The 64th meeting of the Bilderberg Group took place June 9-12 at the luxurious Hotel Taschenbergpalais (shown) in Dresden, Germany. The annual conference of world powerbrokers and kingmakers convened under its trademark secrecy and tight security — and with the usual collusion of the mainstream prostitute press, which pretended not to notice that this notorious high council of politicians, bankers, and industrialists might be plotting anything injurious to the public weal.
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Francis Claims Those Who Cohabitate
Can Have the “Grace of a Real Marriage”

The Martini Legacy Continues
By John Vennari

Our Lord commanded Peter to confirm his brethren in the Faith (Luke 22:32). Pope Francis delights in doing the opposite. On June 16, at a question and answer session during a conference in Rome, Pope Francis implied that those living in “faithful” cohabitation can have “the grace of real marriage because of their fidelity.”Contrary to Francis’ claim, however, cohabitation can never carry within it the grace of real marriage, because it is the grave of real marriage... click here

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Photos from CFN Conference:
Prophecy, Miracles and Aids to the Faith

Weekend of June 10-12, 2016 • Deerfield IL
A terrific conference! - Audio CDs available • 
click here for details

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Aliquippa 021_cfnAliquippa 031_cfn
The Consecration of the City of Aliquippa
to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary - June 4, 2016

by Nelson Hertel

On Saturday, June 4, 2016 the city of Aliquippa (located in western Pennsylvania’s Beaver County) was solemnly consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It was truly an historic and exceptional moment -
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2016: Final Ordinations at Winona
Bishop de Galarreta Comments on
Cardinal Müller and the “Recognition” of Vatican II

by John Vennari
June 3, 2016 saw the final ordinations at St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary in Winona Minnesota. The seminary will move next year to its new location in Virginia. To mark the special occasion, over 3300 faithful attended the ordinations. I was privileged to be there as well. My initial report will focus on the ordination sermon of SSPX Bishop Alfonso de Galarreta. - click here

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Archbishop Forte (above) reveals a 'behind the scenes' moment from the Synod...

Francis’ Trustworthiness in Light
of the Forte Revelation

With related thoughts on the present SSPX drama

by John Vennari
Archbishop Bruno Forte, confidant and collaborator of Pope Francis, revealed in a recent interview a statement from Francis that displays the cagey manner by which he manipulated the Synod toward a pre-determined heterodox outcome -
click here

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Our Lady of Good Success to
“Join us" at CFN Conference

We have just confirmed that a friend of CFN will bring to the conference a full size replica of the miraculous statue of Our Lady of Good Success (see above). This is an exact copy of the statue of Our Lady in the Conceptionist Convent in Quito Ecuador that Our Blessed Mother commanded Mother Marina de Jesus Torres to have made in 1599. Time is running out so please sign up now . Click here for all conference details

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An Invalidly Married Teacher at a Catholic School
Lessons From the Past - Father Connell
"I cannot see how such a person can be retained as an instructor in a Catholic school..." - Father Francis J. Connell, C.SS.R. - click here

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"The grace of Matrimony will remain for the most part an unused talent hidden in the field unless the parties
exercise these supernatural powers and cultivate and develop the seeds of grace they have received." - Pope Pius XII
Are You Using the Special Graces Of Marriage?
by Father T.E. Tobin, C.SS.R
Christian marriage is a sacrament which gives to husband and wife special helps to fulfill their duties according to God’s Will -
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CFN Conference Fast Approaching
“Prophecy, Miracles and Aids to the Faith”
Weekend of June 10-12, 2016 in Deerfield IL

All speakers, topics and details. You won't want to miss this magnificent weekend, schedule now posted - click here

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Dr. Thomas Stark: Interview with Cardinal Burke:
Amoris Laetitia produces confusion
Dr. Thomas Stark interviews Raymond Cardinal Burke on
Amoris Laetitia. Cardinal Burke defends his claim that Amoris Laetitia is not magisterial. - click here

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May 13, 2016 - the 99th anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima
The Story of Fatima: 1916 to May 13, 1917
By John Vennari
The apparitions at Fatima started with the apparition of an Angel.. (a simple narrative) click here

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More Revolution:
Francis to create commission to study
female deacons in Catholic Church

After crippling moral theology, opening the door to Eucharistic sacrilege and undermining Catholic doctrine on Matrimony by means of the latest Synods and Amoris Laetitia, Francis now turns his sights to the possibility "woman deaconesses." It's almost as if he lies awake at night thinking, "What can I disrupt next?" - click here

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A Visit to St. Charbel Relics in Buffalo area
Miraculous Saint! See also prayer and brief bio
compiled by John Vennari - click here

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Relics of St. Charbel to Visit Buffalo NY Area,
May 10-11 - click here

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demattei_barthe_ cfn
"I honestly do not see how one could interpret Chapter 8 of the Exhortation
in the sense of traditional doctrine. It would do violence to the text and wouldn’t
respect the intention of the compilers." Father Barthe

Chapter 8 of Amoris Laetitia
cannot be interpreted in a traditional sense

Interview of Roberto de Mattei with Fr. Claude Barthe
Superb, plain-speaking interview that exposes the fallacy that Amoris Laetitia is only poorly interpreted. Exclusive CFN translation - click here
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Bensalem shrine to St. Katharine Drexel to be sold
The Vatican II monster claims another victim. This beautiful shrine (that holds the tomb of St. Katherine Drexel) is not far from where I grew up in Philadelphia. Oremus - jv - click here

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Spaemann: “Every priest who holds to the sacramental order hitherto in force may undergo forms of bullying from their faithful and be put under pressure by their bishop. Rome can now impose the directive that from now on only 'merciful' bishops will be appointed, bishops who are willing to soften the existing order."

Pope's New Document Constitutes a Rupture
The Spaemann Interview

Translated by Robert Moynihan
Click here for interview

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April 29, 2016
One Year Anniversary of the Death of Father Gruner
Remembering Father Gruner: Chris Ferrara and John Vennari - click here

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Cardinal Pie of Poitiers
and the Kingship of Christ

by Father Denis Fahey

"The dethronement of God on earth is a crime, to which we must never become resigned. Let us never cease to protest against it." Cardinal Pie - click here

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“Amoris laetitia”: a need for clarification in order to avoid a general confusion
The paradox of the contradictory interpretations of “Amoris laetitia”

By Bishop Athanasius Schneider
English Translation from Voice of the Family

...There are bishops and priests who publicly and openly declare that AL represents a very clear opening-up to communion for the divorced and remarried, without requiring them to practice continence. In their opinion, it is this aspect of sacramental practice, which, according to them, is now to undergo a significant change that gives AL its truly revolutionary character. Interpreting AL with reference to irregular couples, a president of a Bishops’ Conference has stated, in a text published on the website of the same Bishops’ Conference: “This is a disposition of mercy, an openness of heart and of spirit that needs no law, awaits no guideline, nor bides on prompting. It can and should happen immediately”...
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Pope Pius XII’s Holy Office condemned Situation Ethics in all its forms on February 2, 1956
Situation Ethics Enshrined
Amoris Laetitia
A simple Q & A on Certain Aspects of the Post-Synodal Exhortation
By John Vennari
• How will Amoris Laetitia be destructive to the teaching of moral theology (at Francis' insistence)?
• What are the five main reasons why many Catholics fail to resist this new document?
- click here

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Mark Your Calendar! CFN Conference
Prophecy, Miracles and Aids to the Faith
Weekend of June 10-12, 2016 in Chicago area

Catholic Family News is scheduling its 2016 conference to be held in Deerfield Ill, near Chicago. The conference theme this year is Prophecies, Miracles and Aids to the Faith.

Speakers: Father Albert, OP •Father Isaac Relyea • Christopher Ferrara • Matt Gaspers • Cornelia Ferreira • Dr. Andrew Childs • Michael Matt • Suzanne Pearson • John Salza • John Vennari
for initial brief report, click here

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April 16 inflight interview:
Francis: "I could say, 'Yes. Period,' but that would be too short a response," - recommends Schonborn presentation -
click here

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John Vennari interviewed about Fatima Conference in Boston
April 22-24, in memory of Father Gruner - click here

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Amoris Laetitia and The Great Façade
by Christopher A. Ferrara The publication of Amoris Laetitia has provoked an entirely predictable cyclone of competing opinions ranging from “nothing to see here,” to “not magisterial,” to “catastrophe” to “revolutionary” ... click here
• • •

Francis’ Zombie Apocalypse
By John Vennari
April 11: The Amoris Laetitia offensive continues. Pope Francis appears to be doubling down on his insistence that divorced and remarried are somehow part of the life of the Church.
This morning’s ‘Tweet’ from Pope Francis is above -
click here for brief commentary

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CFN Media 14 - Francis' Rich Church and "Exhortation" Fraud

What are two overlooked fraudulent aspects of the latest Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia?

What about Francis' alleged "poor Church of the poor?"

Why is contradiction of Catholic doctrine permitted?

- CFN Editor John Vennari -
click here

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Francis Post-Synodal Exhortation released
Cautiously opens door for Communion to Divorced/Remarried.
Prepare for Battle -
click here
j vennari

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Francis' Apostolic Exhortation:
Pastoral Discernment
and Dead Members “Alive”

“In the case of divorcees who have remarried, we posed the question, what do we do with them? … let us open the doors a bit more... Why can’t they be godfathers and godmothers ? … Things need to change, our standards need to change.” - Pope Francis

By John Vennari
            The Vatican has sent a letter to the world’s bishop with instructions on how to prepare the faithful for Francis’ post-Synodal Exhortation. Francis’ document, said to run about 200 pages, will be released this Friday. The Letter to bishops, written by the synod’s secretary general Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, mentions two key elements to reading the document: “pastoral discernment” and “dialogue." This language tallies with Pope Francis’ thematic call for “pastoral conversion." We can perhaps gain an understanding of what this new terminology entails – puzzling phrases that are nowhere found in the Catholic vocabulary of Pope Pius X, Pope Pius XI and Pope Pius XII – when we look at the continuing call for those publicly living in sin to become more active “living” members in the Church. This indeed would be a “pastoral conversion” of practice that may not specifically “change” doctrine, but conflicts with doctrine...
click here

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Our dying nation...
120 Major Business Leaders Team up with
Homosexual Lobby to Pressure North Carolina

from Lifesitenews
In a situation reminiscent of last year's religious freedom fight in Indiana, and the more recent one last week in Georgia, powerful politicians and CEOs across America are teaming up with the LGBT lobby to pressure North Carolina to overturn its new law protecting privacy in restrooms and similar facilities ... Several LGBT advocacy groups have filed suit, saying the law is unconstitutional and meant to legalize discrimination. Scores of businesses have opposed the law, as well, with more than 120 "major" CEOs, including mega-billionaires like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Kellogg’s John Bryant, signing a letter opposing the law that was delivered to the governor by the Human Rights Campaign. The companies include Google, Microsoft, Barnes & Noble, Levi & Straus, Twitter, Starbucks, and Wells Fargo.
click here

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Australia's progressive Archbishop Mark Coleridge, at 2015 Synod Press Conference, said
he would do away with the term “indissolubility,” which he says is “negative in form.” He
also wants to discard the phrase “intrinsically disordered act” – a term despised by those
who embrace situation ethics.
Preview - Francis’ Synod Exhortation:
Brace Yourself for Revolution?

The Past is Prologue
by John Vennari
I travelled to Rome to cover the October 2015 Synod ... spent 14 days there, the final two weeks of the event. Based on what I saw coming from the Synod, as well as the daily Vatican press briefings, there is good reason to fear the new Exhortation will be every bit as “revolutionary” as Cardinal Kasper pledges.
click here

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Modern "Liberty"
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